This Princess Diana Musical Will Make The Royal Family Furious

Though it has been over twenty years since she died tragically in a car accident in Paris —Princess Diana’s life and legacy lives on. To this day, people who loved and adored the People’s Princess talk about her contributions to the world, and there have been numerous films and books on her miraculous life.

Princess Diana’s sons –Prince William and Prince Harry have done everything in their power to remember their mother and keep her spirit with them at all times. They’ve continued to push the British Royal Family into the modern era, interacting with the public and creating a much more approachable image. Unfortunately, a new musical about the late princess will certainly raise some eyebrows.

This new musical about Princess Diana’s life might upset the royal family

Currently, Tony Award winner Christopher Ashley is directing a musical titled, Diana at La Jolla Playhouse in California which is set to run until March 31. The musical was penned by collaborators Joe DiPietro and David Bryan and is set in 1981 the year Princess Diana married Prince Charles. The official synopsis of the musical reads,

It’s 1981 and the world is hungry for a royal wedding — but is the 20-year-old bride prepared for what comes after? Following her fairytale union, Princess Diana faces a distant husband, an unmovable monarchy and overwhelming media scrutiny. But her modern perspective and remarkable compassion galvanizes a nation, even as it threatens the royal family’s hold on England.

Why is this Princess Diana musical so upsetting?

Though the synopsis for Diana seems innocent, reviews are calling it extremely tacky. Aside from Princess Diana and Prince Charles — the Prince of Wales’ current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles makes an appearance as does Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana’s ex-lover, James Hewitt.

The song titles are also … interesting. There is a number called “F-ck You Dress’” and another called “Here Comes James Hewitt.” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine reviewed the play saying, “It is in such bad taste that it’s best ignored.” Meanwhile, The Telegraph’s Luciana Bellini wrote that it is “just so silly and tongue-in-cheek that it can’t be taken seriously.”

Also, since Princess Diana is no longer with us to address the various hardships and painful moments in her life, it seems a bit gross to bring them all up.

Will the Diana musical ever play in London?

Since Princess Diana has fierce fans and defenders across the globe –especially in the U.K. we doubt that Diana would go over well there. However, it’s not like the royal family can ban the musical from setting up shop. Bellini suggests that it might be worth seeing the show in London to see how people react. She said, “some royal fans will certainly find the idea unappealing…But perhaps in honour of a new American princess, we should take a punt on it.”

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