Princess Diana Once Admitted the Kensington Palace Garden Is Hiding an Intense Secret

Princess Diana’s life was something few knew much about until after her death. On the surface, she was polished and poised, but what happened behind the scenes was much more of a rollercoaster. Her marriage was unraveling from the moment she said, “I do,” and her mental health was struggling. But she kept some other secrets, too including one having to do with the Kensington Palace garden.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Bettmann/Getty Images

Diana’s life was different behind closed doors

The way the public saw Diana was far different from the way she saw herself. When Diana and Charles first started dating, people instantly loved her. She was well-spoken and always looked her best, and she had a way of connecting with the public that made her somewhat of a people’s princess. However, what was going on behind the scenes wasn’t exactly what everyone expected. She was struggling with her marriage, which in turn played a big role in her mental health. Though Diana and Charles appeared to have it all, he was actually in love with someone else (Camilla Parker Bowles), and Diana and Charles didn’t have the connection everyone thought they did.

Diana also struggled with her mental health; Charles reportedly once made a comment about Diana’s weight, which led her to spiral and caused a tough bout with bulimia. But everything about her life was kept hidden.

She had a few close friends

Though Diana primarily spent her time with the royal family, she did have a few close friends. Paul Burrell, her butler, was largely known as her closest confidante. Paul and Diana grew very close while he worked for her, and they knew things about each other that nobody else could. Diana knew Paul was gay (though he was married to a woman at the time), and Paul knew Diana struggled with an eating disorder.

Diana also befriended various celebrities, including Elton John and Liza Minelli. Plus, she had been close with Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew. Sarah supposedly had a hand in introducing Diana and Charles.

She reportedly helped her close friend bury her stillborn child in the Kensington Palace Garden

Princess Diana and Rosa Monckton
Princess Diana, right, with Rosa Monckton, center | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

After Diana died, her butler, Paul, unleashed some interesting secrets about the princess’ life. He once said that he actually “aided and abetted” Diana’s bulimia; he also said she feared that Charles would harm her. But then, he told the story of the time Diana helped bury her best friend’s stillborn child in the garden at Kensington Palace. According to Ranker, Burrell once said that when Diana’s close friend, Rosa Monckton, gave birth to a stillborn baby, Diana wanted to help Rosa grieve. She decided to allow Rosa to bury the child in the garden at Kensington Palace (of course, none of the other royal family members knew). Paul and another butler reportedly helped dig the grave for that baby so that Rosa and her husband could mourn the loss in peace.

Years later, after the news was leaked, Rosa’s family refused to comment on whether the story was true. But if Diana actually did allow this, it was only because she was kind hearted and wanted her friends to have somewhere special to grieve their loss.