Princess Diana put an end to this bizarre royal tradition — and everyone after her has done the same

Princess Diana was someone who was taken from us far too soon. She is remembered for her grace and poise, despite a tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles and keeping several dark secrets about her mental health hidden. Diana was an independent woman, and she didn’t always follow the regular rules and traditions of the royal family. There was one common tradition (that today seems a little bizarre) that Diana didn’t want to stick with — and since then, no other royal mother has, either.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty Images

The royal family has several traditions that members are expected to follow

The royal family strays far from the norm in a lot of ways. When it comes to rules and traditions, they definitely are not a typical British family. The family members are restricted from wearing certain color nail polish, and they must always dress appropriately in public. Plus, there are various wedding traditions they need to stick to (white wedding dresses are required), and when it comes to their children, Queen Elizabeth technically has full custody. But there is another tradition related to starting a family that Diana didn’t agree with.

There was once a royal tradition that all royal family members were born in Kensington Palace

Before Diana came along, all mothers in the royal family had given birth at Kensington Palace. Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth were just a few important royals who gave birth in their homes. According to Woman’s World, the women would enter something known as a “twilight sleep” before giving birth. The women essentially just be medicated and deliver their children with the help of a midwife. It quickly became tradition for the royal women to deliver their babies inside the palace.

Diana was the first royal to give birth in a hospital — and the first to breastfeed her children

When Diana married Charles, she instantly became known for breaking royal tradition. Diana disliked wearing gloves and hats to formal royal events. She also refused to say the word “obey” in her wedding vows to her husband. And when the two decided to start a family, Diana didn’t like the idea of giving birth at Kensington Palace. She wanted to have her children at a hospital. In typical Diana fashion, she did just that, breaking the tradition of a home birth and having both William and Harry at a local London hospital.

Since then, other royals have followed the hospital route rather than the traditional birth

After Diana took the step to break tradition, other royals followed suit. Princess Anne delivered her children at a hospital, and she also reportedly made the Lindo Wing popular among royals. Kate Middleton delivered all three of her children at the hospital (in the Lindo Wing) as well. And when Meghan Markle gives birth to her first child with Prince Harry in a couple of months, she is expected to do the same. Had it not been for Diana putting her foot down about the type of birth she wanted, all future royal women might not have the comfort of a hospital.

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