Princess Diana Thrived After Her Split From Prince Charles and These Photos Prove It

Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles was an unhappy one. Practically from the start, there were signs their marriage wouldn’t last. Charles’ heart belonged to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and the significant age difference between Diana and Charles didn’t help either. 

Calling it quits more than a decade after their nuptials, they rocked the British royal family. Following her divorce from Charles, Diana thrived. She continued her charity work and spent time with her beloved sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Ahead, check out photos of her living her best life. 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in the royal wedding of the century

Prince Charles kisses Princess Diana's hand at their royal wedding
Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their 1981 royal wedding | Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

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After going on approximately 12 dates, Charles, first in the royal family’s line of succession, asked Diana to marry him. Her reaction to the proposal? Laughter. Reportedly, Diana started laughing because of nerves when Charles popped the question in a nursery at Windsor Castle.

They announced their engagement in February 1981 before marrying in what would become known as the royal wedding of the century. At St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29, 1981, Diana and Charles married.

They separated in 1992 and officially divorced in 1996

Trouble started brewing for Diana and Charles soon after their royal wedding. In fact, on their honeymoon Diana and Charles got in a fight because of Camilla. Throughout their marriage, there continued to be ups and downs.

They presented the image of a happy couple during official royal engagements but behind closed doors, they didn’t get along. By the late 1980s and early 1990s, Charles and Diana barely masked their contempt for each other on royal tours.

Princess Diana smiles for cameras as she visits the English National Ballet
Princess Diana visits the English National Ballet | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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In late 1992, the royal family announced their separation. They would remain married until August 1996 — a little more than a year before Diana’s death — when they made their split official. Supposedly, in the midst of their marriage crumbling, Charles and Diana kept things “professional” in front of their kids and staff. 

In Diana’s divorce settlement from Charles, she agreed to give up her title of Her Royal Highness. In return, she kept her Kensington Palace apartment, her Princess of Wales title, walking away with more than $22 million.

Princess Diana started dating

Although she and Charles both engaged in affairs during their marriage, Diana started dating after their split. She started seeing surgeon Hasnat Khan and had a brief romance with Dodi Fayed in 1997 before they both died in a tragic car accident.

Princess Diana and Prince William in St. Tropez vacationing with Dodi Fayed
Princess Diana and Prince William in St. Tropez | Michel Dufour/WireImage

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And her style changed too. No longer the wife of the future leader of the monarchy, Diana didn’t have to dress so conservatively. She famously stepped out in a black gown that’s now known as her “revenge dress.”  

She spent time with Prince William and Prince Harry

Diana’s schedule didn’t change too much after her split from Charles. She still championed causes and, of course, saw William and Harry. The trio went on vacation together numerous times after the divorce. 

Princess Diana in St. Tropez with Prince William and Prince Harry
Princess Diana in St. Tropez with Prince William and Prince Harry | Michel Dufour/WireImage

Had the car accident not taken Diana’s life, it appears she would’ve continued her transition out of the royal family quite seamlessly.

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