What Happened to Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress After She Died?

Princess Diana had arguably the most iconic wedding dress the royal family has ever seen. But tragically, her life as a royal wasn’t all she had hoped it would be. Diana married Prince Charles, though the two were never fully in love. Charles’ love affair with the real woman of his dreams, Camilla Parker Bowles, led Diana and Charles to divorce. A decade later, Diana died in a tragic car accident. But what ever happened to that iconic dress?

Princess Diana Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day |Terry Fincher/Getty Images

Diana’s dress had a 25-foot train

When David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed Diana’s dress, they wanted it to be two things: Something that would go down in history and something that Diana loved. The dress was custom-made and featured a 25-foot train. Today, no royal’s train has been longer than Diana’s. However, her train was so long that it reportedly didn’t fit in the coach that was transporting her and her father to the cathedral and ended up being slightly wrinkled. Diana also had a backup dress in case her original design was revealed, but thankfully, she didn’t need to wear it.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana’s wedding train was 25 feet. | Jayne Fincher/Getty Images

When she died, her brother watched over the gown

In August 1997, Diana was in a car that was reportedly outrunning the paparazzi when the vehicle lost control and crashed. Diana died, leaving behind her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Her entire estate had to be distributed, and she left money not only to her sons but also her butler, her other family members, and her godchildren. Her physical items, such as the wedding dress, needed to be distributed as well. For more than a decade after her death, her dress was in the hands of her brother, Earl Spencer, who watched over it until Diana’s two sons got older.

Eventually, the gown became part of Prince William and Prince Harry’s trust

Prince William and Prince Harry were hardly teenagers when Diana died, so they couldn’t inherit anything she wanted to leave them. Instead, their inheritance was set up in a trust fund that they could access when they turned 25. However, after she passed, her family enacted a variance that switched their funds to not be accessible until they were 30. (They could access the interest at 25.) This including certain keepsakes, such as her wedding dress. When Prince William turned 30, Diana’s dress was handed over from her brother to her older son. The dress was left to both Prince William and Prince Harry equally.

No other royal wedding dress has ever surpassed Diana’s

Diana’s dress was iconic. Still today, anyone who remembers the princess marrying Prince Charles remembers that massive train and the beautiful bride walking down the aisle. Although Diana’s relationship with Charles didn’t last, she was still very widely respected by both the public and the royal family. This has made it difficult for Camilla Parker Bowles to get the love she so wanted from the public. However, she has grown on people over the last several years. But still nobody will forget the dress Diana wore on her big day.