Secrets Behind Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress You Probably Never Knew

Princess Diana was one of the most talked-about royals during and after her marriage to Prince Charles. And today, more than 22 years after her tragic death, she still remains someone who is widely respected around the world. And her wedding to Charles saw one of the most remarkable wedding dresses ever created — with the longest royal train of all time. But there are a few secrets about Diana’s wedding dress that some probably never knew.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding
Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day. | Terry Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Diana almost called off her wedding the day before it happened

Despite how happy Diana and Charles seemed on the outside, they both knew there wasn’t any true love between the two of them. Charles had always been in love with Camilla Parker Bowles, and though he had actually wanted to marry her, she had gone ahead and married someone else. His family felt Diana was the perfect fit, and with his age becoming an issue, he decided to settle down with her. However, there was never a true connection between them, and Diana wanted to call off the wedding, but her mother told her it was too late.

She had lost so much weight that she needed to be sewn into her dress

Diana struggled greatly with bulimia during her marriage to Charles, though the public wouldn’t know until after. Leading up to the wedding, Diana continued to lose more and more weight because she wasn’t properly taking in any nutrition. Between the time she was fitted for her gown and the time the actual wedding date occurred, Diana had lost a whopping five inches around her waist. On the day of her wedding, she actually had to wear something under the gown, which was sewn into the gown to make sure she would fit comfortably.

Her train was so long it would hardly fit in the carriage

Princess Diana's wedding train
29th July 1981: Charles, Prince of Wales, with his wife, Princess Diana (1961 – 1997), at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, during their marriage ceremony. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The royals’ wedding dresses are always pieces of art. But no royal’s dress could beat Diana’s record of longest train. Her train stretched an unbelievable 25 feet, and it contained 10,000 pearls and sequins. However, though the train looked magnificent stretched out, the designers didn’t account for the small carriage Diana would be taking to the church. When it came time for Diana to be transported, the train was simply too large and couldn’t easily fit. It resulted in significant wrinkles to her train when she arrived to walk down the aisle, though there wasn’t anything anyone could do to fix the situation at that point.

She had a secret backup dress in case hers was accidentally revealed  

Diana’s dress design was completely confidential. And leading up to her big day, there was worry that someone might release the dress’ design, which is entirely unacceptable for a royal wedding. The princess actually had a backup dress that she would have worn if her original dress had been leaked to the media. Thankfully, nobody spilled the beans on her gown, and the backup dress never had to be used.