Princess Diana Would Have Been ‘Appalled’ by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Behavior, Claims Expert

While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are often criticized for their need to maintain privacy, one of their harshest critics claims that Princess Diana would have been “appalled” by the way the couple behaves, calling them out for being “pretentious.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pretentious
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Why Princess Diana would be ‘appalled’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have come under fire many times for the way they’ve handled the media and public, including when they introduced their baby to the world, as well as how they planned a private christening ceremony for Archie, out of the spotlight.

Among those who have criticized the couple is writer Lady Colin Campbell, who called the couple’s behavior “graceless” and maintains that Princess Diana wouldn’t approve.

In an interview with Woman magazine, Campbell shared that Prince Harry and Markle have been “trotting out the charm when it suits them.” As a result, she believes that “Diana would be appalled, she had enough nous to know when to put on a show.”

Campbell continued, explaining, “She was very aware of how important it was to be gracious, while Meghan — and Harry to an extent — trot out the charm when it suits them, but otherwise are graceless.”

Campbell believes that the couple are “depriving” fans by being “pretentious” and attacked Markle, in particular, noting: “Her behavior shows a lack of understanding and appreciation of what being royal is. I’m not sure who she thinks she is behaving this way.”

Should Markle act more like a lady?

Campbell recently came after Markle, asserting that she needs “to be a lady not a hustler.” During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, when the author was asked how Markle “is doing” as a member of the royal family, she didn’t hold back.

Campbell noted: “I think the verdict is out at the moment,” adding, “I’m rooting for Meghan. I hope that Meghan is going to do as she appeared in the very early days that she would be doing.”

She did, however, express some concern, sharing, “I have to say, the ride has been rather rockier than one would have hoped. I have an awful feeling that Meghan needs to understand things that she doesn’t yet understand.”

Campbell compared the life of a royal to being a celebrity, sharing: “Like there’s a massive difference between being a celebrity hustling your way from the bottom to the top — and she was a very proud hustler, she used to use the word hustle for herself and her first husband very proudly — and being a lady or being a royal.”

She continued: “You don’t hustle, the values, the embodiment is completely different. She’s sorted, she’s got it. I think she needs to now embrace it and understand it’s a new game in town. She’s an actress; she needs to come up with a new act.”

Lady Colin had previously critiqued Markle, telling Closer magazine: “She was never an A-lister, so she needs to stop acting like one. Royalty do not behave like celebrities do. It’s cheap, vulgar and irresponsible.”