Revealed: Princess Diana’s Car Was ‘Airborne’ When It Crashed

Princess Diana’s death has perplexed people since the moment it happened. Many people believe it wasn’t an accident, prompting numerous conspiracy theories to pop up about what might have really happened.

In the podcast Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved, former homicide detective Colin McLaren takes listeners on a journey sifting through the evidence and find out what really happened. In the most recent episode, Botched Investigation, new information is revealed about Princess Diana’s final moments.

Dodi Fayed had a decoy car drive away to get rid of the paparazzi

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | John Shelley Collection/Avalon/Getty Images

On that fateful night, Dodi, Princess Diana’s partner at the time of her death, wanted to have a car decoy go out the front of the Ritz hotel while he and Diana left through the back with Henri Paul, the head of security at the Ritz. The whole plan wasn’t fully thought out, but Dodi’s wishes were granted. The decoy car was used and Paul drove out the back while heavily under the influence.

Princess Diana wasn’t wearing her seat belt

They were being driven to their deaths. As Paul sped off to Dodi’s flat, they weren’t wearing seat belts, which ultimately contributed to their deaths. Another vehicle was on the scene at the time of the crash, a white Fiat Uno, which collided with the Mercedes in some way. The vehicle carrying Diana hit a pillar. Both Dodi and Paul died at the scene and Diana died later on a few hours later at the hospital due to her injuries. Her bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, was the only one who survived.

The cops weren’t ‘taking charge’

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Investigative journalists Dylan Howard and Aaron Tinney travel with McLaren back to Paris where it all happened. McLaren rushed to Paris after Princess Diana’s death after seeing the way the investigation was being handled. The seventh episode of the podcast revealed new details about how the investigation was conducted.

Henri Paul was driving that night and three people ended up dying, including Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul himself. People were in the tunnel after the crash, including members of the paparazzi. The media was there on hand and the cops weren’t “taking charge” as McLaren says.

Princess Diana’s car wasn’t inspected correctly

A crane came and transported the Mercedes which had been holding Princess Diana during the crash before it had even been looked at correctly for critical evidence.

“That exhibit should have sat there for five working days,” McLaren says. “That tunnel should have been sealed all that time. And every expert available to the French should have pawed over it. Every exhibit, every piece, every item should have been pulled apart and analyzed and sent away for all sorts of reports.” Workers swept up all the evidence and the tunnel was reopened quicker than it should have been.

Princess Diana’s vehicle was ‘airborne’

Vincent Messina, a racing and ABS brake expert, also joined the investigation. Messina revealed to McLaren that Henri Paul was clearly going over the speed limit at the time of the crash in the Paris tunnel. McLaren took his own images of skid marks at the scene where he was even able to see the tread of the tires. They were able to determine the skid marks were probably from Diana’s vehicle.

“I showed you photographs of fresh tire residue on the top of the capping, which is about 1.2 yards above the road’s surface, or well over a meter about the road’s surface,” McLaren revealed. “That’s consistent with it being airborne?”

Messina agreed that the vehicle that Diana was in was certainly airborne at the time of the crash. “Yes, of course. There’s no way it could not have been airborne,” Messina said. “It must’ve been airborne. And I think I mentioned at the time, had he been traveling at another 10 miles an hour faster, he might’ve just cleared the capping and gone into the guards there and maybe the tree or something, and maybe they all would’ve survived.”

Princess Diana’s death was a tragedy that changed the world forever. Her death still captivates people to this day and probably always will.