Princess Diana’s Death: Car Crash Witness Says the Judge ‘Did Not Want Me to Be on That Stand’

Princess Diana’s death shocked the entire world and arguably changed the way we view our obsession with royalty. No one ever thought someone so destined for great things could be taken from the world at only 36 years old. So what actually happened? People have been trying to figure that out since that fateful night on August 31, 1997.

Witnesses recall what they saw that night

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

An eye-opening podcast called Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved tries to get to the truth of what really happened. Former homicide detective Colin McLaren takes listeners on a journey that includes Diana’s last few hours as well as what witnesses had to say about what they saw in the aftermath of the wreckage.

Jack and Robin Firestone, who happened to be traveling back from a river cruise that fateful evening, were caught up in bad traffic and witnessed the scene right after the crash happened. “I looked towards the westbound lane and saw this carnage. The metal of the car just crushed like an accordion,” Jack Firestone said.

“At no point, did any of us think that there was anybody in the vehicle at that time because it was just absolute chaos there was no protection of the scene at all,” Robin Firestone recalled. “We did not see anybody aiding or assisting. There was no ambulance there, there was no police tape closing off that entrance to the tunnel.”

‘I couldn’t take my eyes off this photographer’

The Firestones clearly saw the chaos that encompassed the scene. It would be shocking for anyone to witness, but even more so because it was the wreckage of Princess Diana’s car.

“As we started to move forward a little bit towards the exit of the tunnel, I couldn’t take my eyes off of this photographer and this scene that I’m looking at it and just still trying to make sense and I said, ‘oh my god there’s a woman in the car and it looks like she’s gotta be dead,’” Robin Firestone continued.

‘There had to be a reason that they did not want me to be on that stand’

Robin also shared that she wasn’t given the proper opportunity to share her side of things in the inquest that happened 10 years after Princess Diana’s death. “I always believed — and will always believe — that there had to be a reason that they did not want me to be on that stand,” Robin said in episode 11. “And I believe it to this day.”

Jack Firestone was able to tell his side during the inquest but Robin was not  

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Jack was able to speak to a jury about what he witnessed in the aftermath immediately after Princess Diana’s car crash. “They called me to the stand first. The barristers were very rude to me, very curt, very challenging,” Jack said. “I said, ‘I don’t have the answer to that, but Robin does. When Robin comes up on the stand, you’ll be able to ask her.’”

Jack was on the stand for about 45 minutes and the judge ended up calling for a lunch break and Robin didn’t get her chance to testify to what she saw. “It was like he was doing me a favor,” Robin said. “I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. After all this time, are you kidding me? Is this even real? Is this still happening? What is going on?”

Princess Diana’s death is a tragedy still felt by royal fans all over the world. Her legacy lives on in the people that adored her and her family.