Princess Eugenie Constantly Breaks Royal Protocol Just Like Her Mom, Sarah Ferguson

The royal family is well-known for their prim and proper ways. But for every rule follower who wouldn’t dream of breaking protocol, there’s at least one naughty rebel who attracts attention with their antics.

For a long time, that rule breaker was Prince Harry, the royal family’s resident bad boy. Over the years, the Duke of Sussex was caught dressing like a Nazi officer at a Halloween party, playing strip poker, and was part of plenty of other scandalous events. It’s a far cry from the reserved family man that Prince Harry is now.

But Prince Harry isn’t the only one who’s been raising eyebrows for rule breaking. Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, has also done a few shocking things in her time.

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie | Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

Princess Eugenie was a hardcore partyer in her younger years

Eugenie is far from the only royal family member who likes to cut loose and party, but she is one of the wildest. At the age of 18, Princess Eugenie was a familiar face on the party circuit, frequenting nightclubs and lap-dancing bars while wearing skimpy outfits. At one point she even asked a bouncer if she could have a try at pole dancing on stage, which he declined unless she had ‘formal training.’

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie | Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Her mother Sarah Ferguson (“Fergie”) was known for loving a party, too. Apparently that gene transferred to Princess Eugenie, who never let her royal family status stop her from having a good time.

She’s still breaking rules after marriage

Princess Eugenie has come a long way since then and is now a married woman. She wed Jack Brooksbank in a lavish royal wedding ceremony on October 12, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Fans are anticipating a baby announcement any day now.

But just because she grew up and matured it doesn’t mean Princess Eugenie left behind her rebellious ways entirely. Even her wedding had a few subversive details, like how she skipped the royal tradition of having a multi-tiered Christmas-style fruitcake for her wedding. Instead, Eugenie opted for the more common red velvet and chocolate flavoring.

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie | Andrew Matthews/AFP/Getty Images

Her wedding dress also didn’t follow the rules. The open back exposed a lot of skin and then she opted not to wear a veil, which is customary in the royal family.

Princess Eugenie’s fashion sense often breaks protocol

There’s a royal rule in place that proper ladies should never be caught in public with bare legs and no pantyhose, though some of the younger women commonly ignore this custom. Princess Eugenie has been spotted sans stockings on more than one occasion, proving again she doesn’t follow every rule.

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

She’s also not afraid to show off her sense of style. Princess Eugenie has a reputation for choosing over-the-top hats for royal occasions that some people claim steal too much attention. Princess Eugenie further bucks royal protocol by wearing black outfits when she’s not attending a funeral and putting on low cut or otherwise revealing outfits.

It doesn’t sound like Princess Eugenie plans on curbing her rebellious ways anytime soon!