Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Tiara: Why She Didn’t Wear Her Mom’s Tiara

Even though she was born a princess, Princess Eugenie wasn’t allowed to wear a tiara until her royal wedding day. In the royal family, tiaras are a lot like wedding bands — only married women are allowed to wear them. That’s why Princess Eugenie’s wedding tiara is such a big deal.

For the months leading up to her October 12th nuptials to Jack Brooksbank, many speculated what tiara the Princess of York would wear. And, many thought she would wear the York Tiara like her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York did on her royal wedding day.

However, Princess Eugenie surprised royal family fans and experts with a tiara that doesn’t have royal roots. Find out more about Princess Eugenie’s wedding tiara, plus why she might have skipped the York Tiara, ahead.

Princess Eugenie

Many thought Princess Eugenie would wear the York Tiara on her royal wedding day. | Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Princess Eugenie’s wedding tiara

On her royal wedding day, Princess Eugenie appeared on the steps of St. George’s Chapel in a stunning emerald and diamond bandeau tiara. The antique Boucheron crown jewel is known as the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara and dates back to 1919. It was made for Mrs. Greville, a close friend of Queen Mary’s. She passed the tiara down to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in the mid-20th century.

The Greville Emeral Kokoshnik Tiara boasts a kokoshnik design, made popular by the Russian Imperial Court. It features dazzling rose-cut pavé diamonds set in platinum with six emeralds on the sides and a gorgeous, oval-shaped emerald centerpiece.

The princess borrowed the tiara from her grandmother’s collection of crown jewels. She paired it with a pair of drop diamond and emerald earrings, which were a wedding gift from her new husband, Jack Brooksbank.

What is the York Tiara

On her royal wedding day in 1986, Sarah Ferguson stepped out in the York Tiara. Which was fitting, given is the Duchess of York. As it turns out, the tiara was actually a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and was made to order for Sarah. That said, there is some confusion regarding its origins. According to a Kensington Palace report, the tiara was a loan from a family friend.

The tiara, which Sarah Ferguson kept after her split from Prince Andrew, features a floral scroll-style design with diamonds set in platinum and a 5 carat diamond on top.

Since Sarah is no longer a married woman, she can not technically wear a tiara. So, it makes sense that she would pass it down to her daughter, Princess Eugenie, on her royal wedding day. However, as we found out on October 12th, Princess Eugenie opted for a piece from her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s collection instead.

Why Princess Eugenie didn’t wear the York Tiara

Why didn’t Princess Eugenie wear the York Tiara? While it would have been a nice tribute to her parents and her official royal title, there are a few reasons the princess might have declined. For one, Eugenie’s wedding included touches of blues and greens — some in an emerald hue — so it is likely that had something to do with her choosing the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara. In addition, the scroll-style York Tiara might not have been her style. Another speculation? Perhaps Sarah Ferguson is waiting to pass her personal tiara down to her eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice.

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