Why Has Priyanka Chopra Been Absent From Meghan Markle’s Royal Life?

Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle have been besties for a long time. The two women are both actresses and have a lot in common — or at least they did until Meghan married into the royal family. Now, there are rumors swirling that Priyanka and Meghan’s friendship is on the rocks. But is there a more definitive reason as to why Priyanka hasn’t been present in Meghan’s royal life?

Priyanka Chopra | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Priyanka and Meghan have been friends since 2016

The two women first met at an event held by Elle; it was called the Women in Television dinner, and according to Priyanka, the two bonded over being actresses (Priyanka starred in Quantico while Meghan was playing Rachel Zane in Suits). Plus, their passion for women supporting women also helped them develop a close friendship. When Meghan began dating Prince Harry, Priyanka became known as one of her closest friends, even though the friendship was still fairly new. Meghan also gushed about Priyanka in a 2016 interview. However, the friendship may have been more short-lived than we thought.

Priyanka made an appearance at Meghan’s royal wedding

Priyanka was, as expected, one of the guests at Meghan’s wedding. By now, everyone knew that she was one of Meghan’s closest friends, and she got a lot of attention from the media when she arrived. A few of Meghan’s other friends in the acting world were present, including her co-stars on Suits, but it seemed that Priyanka was the woman people were focusing on. However, Priyanka got married only a few months after Meghan, and people were very surprised to learn Meghan did not attend her supposed best friend’s wedding.

Meghan did not attend Priyanka’s wedding, and Priyanka was not present at Meghan’s baby shower

Priyanka married Nick Jonas in India in early December 2018. By this time, Meghan and Harry had already announced that they were expecting their first child. And when it came time for Priyanka and Nick’s wedding, Meghan and Harry were no-shows. Some suggested that Meghan didn’t attend the wedding because of her pregnancy, although she has since been flying all over the world, including a recent trip to Morocco. It became questionable why Meghan wouldn’t have been allowed to travel to India even in the earlier stages of her pregnancy, but the media soon got tired of the issue and the buzz about Meghan’s absence died down.

When Meghan came to New York for her baby shower, Priyanka was noticeably missing. She was in Los Angeles at the time and said a work commitment prevented her from attending the shower.

The women are probably going in different directions — but it doesn’t mean they hate each other

Recently, news broke from a source close to Meghan that suggested the friendship between Meghan and Priyanka is on the rocks — mostly due to Meghan snubbing Priyanka’s December wedding. It’s possible she’s mad at Meghan for not attending, but it’s just as possible that the two women are simply living very different lives these days. Priyanka lives in the U.S. but has plenty of family in India, so she’s constantly traveling back and forth all while adjusting to married life. Meghan is now a royal, which comes with a very intense and busy lifestyle, and she lives all the way in the U.K. The two women might not hate each other, but life gets in the way sometimes, so they might not be as close as they once were.

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