Priyanka Chopra’s Unusual ‘Diet’ Might Surprise You

Priyanka Chopra is a world-renowned actress and activist who has achieved even greater fame in the past year due to her high-profile marriage to Nick Jonas.

Chopra has continued to work on a wide variety of projects since her marriage to Jonas, including films both in the United States and abroad. What keeps Chopra fueled during her busy days isn’t due to any crazy fad diet, either — Chopra has a surprisingly relatable way of eating that looks much different from that of many Hollywood celebrities.

Keep reading to learn about what Priyanka Chopra eats and how she stays looking so fit.

What does Priyanka Chopra eat?

Priyanka Chopra on the red carpet
Priyanka Chopra Jonas | SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Many celebrities tend to follow extreme eating plans that rely on cutting out carbs, pasta, and all sweets. Chopra clearly has no time for such things and actually doesn’t follow a set diet.

In a recent interview, she admitted that she’s been blessed with a good metabolism and so she can eat and eat without really gaining much weight. She stated that she likes to “wing it” and base her food choices on how she’s feeling from day to day.

Chopra said that if she’s feeling “gross” about herself, she will cut back a bit and eat more salads, soup, and lots of protein. On those days, Chopra will keep it light with egg whites for breakfast, lentils and chicken for lunch, and grilled chicken or fish for dinner. 

Still, if she feels like she’s in “great shape” she sticks with things like pizza and cheeseburgers. Chopra is a fan of her native Indian cuisine as well, and considers things like fish curry, curd rice, and hot parantha to be among her comfort food staples.

The actress doesn’t like to starve herself and will never deprive herself of any food that she really wants. That’s definitely a refreshing change in a world obsessed with going gluten-free and cutting out as many carbs as possible. 

What are Priyanka Chopra’s favorite indulgences?

Even though she eats a little bit of everything, there are a few specific foods that always make it to the top of Chopra’s love list. She has a particular fondness for pizza, burgers, and buffalo wings. As far as desserts, Chopra has admitted to loving chocolate, tandoori, and cake.

The actress particularly enjoys eating ice cream on the beach and considers the icy treat one of her vacation staples – along with spicy margaritas. 

How does Priyanka Chopra stay fit?

Priyanka Chopra has stated that she doesn’t love going to the gym, but she still finds time for working out throughout the course of her insanely busy work week. She has stated that she works out mainly to keep her body “well-toned” and isn’t looking to shrink several clothing sizes.

Typically, Chopra keeps her workouts to around an hour each time and prefers yoga, cardio, and spin classes. Chopra likes the benefits that exercise offers, including how it has the ability to “relax and refresh” her. 

Ultimately, Chopra has the same relaxed approach to exercise as she does with her diet, and stated that she’s “lazy” and as long as she has a great metabolism, she will continue to take advantage of it. She credits her “great Indian genes” for allowing her to eat what she wants and not go crazy on the exercise front. 

While not all fans can credit their great genetics for their diet and lifestyle choices, Chopra’s mantra of eat well and love yourself is a philosophy that anyone should be able to get behind. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest Priyanka Chopra news!