Producer Describes ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: ‘Best of Both Worlds’

The Falcon and the Winter Soldierfeaturing Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprising their roles as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes — is shaping up to be one of the most highly-anticipated Phase 4 projects. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is, at last, expanding to account for the small screen, prepping to initiate a dialogue between the silver screen and the TV. Thus, moving forward, the two mediums’ narratives will be interdependent. 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Disney+ Showcase at Disney’s D23 EXPO 2019 in Anaheim, Calif. ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

These two characters may have a more significant future in the cinematic landscape than meets the eye. Yet, before jumping to conclusions and theorizing about Phase 5 and beyond, let’s focus on the project at hand. 

What will ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ be about? 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to premiere in the fall of 2020 (if production delays don’t interfere with the Phase 4 timeline), way before WandaVision, What If…?, Hawkeye, and Loki are slated to premiere. The show will proceed Avengers: Endgame, following Wilson, as he discovers what exactly it means to carry Cap’s shield — the responsibility, the ideological weight, and the national implications. 

Bucky, on the other hand, is no longer under Hydra’s control. And — as long as he can handle the fact that Rogers chose Wilson as the next Captain America — this butt-kicking duo should be off to a good start. And, with Helmut Zemo returning from Civil War, the two will have to come together to confront a worthy adversary. 

Though destined to be action-packed — with a budget akin to major motion pictures – the show will offer up more than some combat prowess and marksmanship. The show will reportedly take a deep dive into the characters its placing front and center. 

Supervising Producer talks ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Given that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes just lost a great friend, an American hero, and a loyal confidante, you can expect to shed some tears when the show first premieres. There is no way that this series will skate around Roger’s death; it will likely be a prominent, yet invisible force, hovering over the two, as they try to make the right decisions — the decisions Rogers would make. When talking about the upcoming series for Disney+’s Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe, the Supervising Producer explained that the show will aim to explore the deep, inner corners of its characters’ identities. She stated: 

We can create the same exciting high-end action sequences. But then, in between those set pieces, we get to dive deeper into the character beats. So, it’s the best of both worlds.

Zoie Nagelhout, Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe 

Marvel President Kevin Feige then goes on to note that the show will explore these characters’ pasts, and who exactly they are to an extent the Infinity Saga did not have the bandwidth to do. This series may be as much of an emotional, character-driven exposé, as it is an action-packed, high-octane adventure. So, before watching the show, buckle up and grab your tissue box.