Project Runway: Which Designers Made it to the Finale?

The top four Project Runway designers had five months to create ten looks with a budget of $10,000. Mentor Christian Siriano visited them at their houses after two months of working on their collection to give them advice. This week, the designers also had the challenge of creating an 11th look for their collection, based on the feedback from judge and ELLE’s editor-in-chief, Nina Garcia.

** SPOILER ALERT ** This article reveals which designer the judges sent home.

Project Runway Top Three Designer
Nina Garcia, Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell, Karlie Kloss, and Christian Siriano | Noam Galai/WireImage

Who did the judges send home?

When Christian visited Bishme at his studio in Baltimore, Maryland, he only had two pieces completed. He came back to the design studio with eight completed pieces and thought he could put two more together before the runway. However, Bishme received devastating news from home that threw him off his game.

He found out that his sister has colon cancer, and her first day of treatment was the first day they returned to the studio. Bishme says his sister is his “biggest cheerleader” and bought him his first sewing machine when he was 13-years-old. He also received the news that a family member passed.

Bishme had to create another look for the runway; Nina said she wanted to see a street outwear look, similar to his Dapper Dan jacket in Episode 5. However, he couldn’t get his mind off his problems at home, and he put together an unimpressive dress.

At the runway, Bishme had to excuse himself and cry outside before starting the show. Even though Bishme’s other pieces were solid, the judges sent Bishme home because they felt that he had already given up on himself.

‘Project Runway’ Top Three Designer, Garo Sparo

Garo Sparo, “Master Corsetier,” lives with his husband, Don Freeman, and their dog in a cabin in Phoenicia, New York. When Christian visited, he said their place felt like it was in the wilderness, but it was peaceful. Garo has a mood board in his room, inspired by his fascination with galaxies and black holes. His collection had a lot of things that glimmer, has texture, and used several fabrics. Garo also made 14 looks instead of the required 10.

For his challenge, Nina said his looks have a lot of shine and embellishment, so she wants to see a tailored suit. He decided to combine three eras for his outfit; the 70’s, Victoria, and Futuristic. Unfortunately, the jacket Garo made was too big on the model. Although he tried to fix it, the suit did not come together correctly on the runway.

Garo was in the bottom two with Bishme because of his poorly tailored suit, and they felt like his other outfits lacked freshness. They also don’t know if there is an audience for the type of look he creates; however, they chose to keep him in the competition.

‘Project Runway’ Top Three Designer, Hester Sunshine

Christian visited Hester Sunshine’s animated home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which she shares with her wife, Honey. She has paintings that her mom drew all over her walls and other unique things Hester’s created. The inspiration for her collection is Y2K CoCo, which is a mashup of digital, tech, and coding with the Rococo period because she says she sees a lot of similarities between them.

Nina’s feedback for Hester included she wanted to see something solid and devoid of prints. Hester feels like it’s going against her design philosophy, and initially designed an all-white piece. Christian hated the look and urged her to do something red. After accidentally sewing through her fingernail on the machine and getting blood on the white dress, Hester finally chose to do a red piece. She included a hat box with her top and dress look, which the judges loved.

‘Project Runway’ Top Three Designer, Sebastian Grey

Sebastian Grey lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his husband, Matthew. Matthew turned the dining room into a studio for Sebastian to sew, and Sebastian says Matthew is his inspiration. In his collection, he added a lot of fabric to resemble palm trees. Christian thinks it’s overworked and looks like he’s “trying too hard,” so Sebastian said he is going to add another piece to make it look cohesive.

Nina enjoyed Sebastian’s collection but felt it was too strict. She wanted him to create a soft evening look, so he used sheer material. When his models walked down the runway, the judges immediately knew the look belonged to Sebastian and said they could see his look on New York Fashion Week. Sebastian also told everyone, for the first time, that he is a professionally trained ballet dancer. However, he fell more in love with the clothes for the plays and chose to get into design.

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