Proof That Kylie Jenner Is the Kardashian-Jenner Sister With the Best Sense of Humor

Kylie Jenner may seem like a serious celebrity at times. After all, she dedicated herself to her company, Kylie Cosmetics, to become a billionaire in less than three years.

However, it might surprise some people that beneath Jenner’s stern expressions lies an unexpected sense of humor. Recently, after a funny incident happened, she was able to showcase just how funny she can be and that she can definitely take a joke.

Kylie Jenner accidentally became a meme

Kylie Jenner attends Harper's BAZAAR Celebrates "ICONS By Carine Roitfeld" at The Plaza Hotel on September 9, 2016.
Kylie Jenner | Michael Stewart/WireImage

It all started earlier this month when Jenner updated her YouTube channel with a video where she gives fans a tour of her expansive Kylie Cosmetics office. In the video, Jenner tells viewers that her 1-year-old daughter, Stormi, often spends time at the office and even has her own little playroom.

For much of the video, Stormi is taking a nap. However, in the end, Jenner goes in to wake the toddler up — the camera crew is already inside and Stormi is already visibly awake and active — and sings her a little “rise and shine.”

The internet soon blew up with social media commenters pointing out how odd Jenner’s “rise and shine” sounded. It sounded as if Jenner was trying to sing, but her voice simply fell flat. To others, it felt like Jenner was hamming it up for the camera.

Jenner’s “singing” then became a viral meme across social media. One person asked on Twitter: “How do I set Kylie Jenner singing ‘rise and shine’ as my alarm tone in the morning?”

“I can’t stop singing ‘Rise and Shine’ by Kylie Jenner,” someone else commented.

Many folks even edited Jenner’s “rise and shine” into funny video clips, such as one where she is a contestant on a talent search show.

Celebrities also poked fun at Kylie Jenner

Average netizens were not the only ones who fell in love with the new meme. Celebrities across the internet joined in as well.

Miley Cyrus seems to be a huge fan of Jenner’s “rise and shine.” She first tweeted an edited clip of Jenner as a contestant on The Voice. Then, Cyrus uploaded a video of herself singing “rise and shine” while her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, plays the guitar.

Ariana Grande and Lizzo both sang “rise and shine” as well. Fans saw Grande sing it on Instagram and she captioned her video with “@KylieJenner can I sample.” Meanwhile, Lizzo referenced the meme during a live show when she played the song with her flute.

Additionally, America’s Got Talent presenter Terry Crews filmed a video of himself waking up judge Howie Mandel with “rise and shine.”

Kylie Jenner joined in and laughed at herself

While it would have been easy for Jenner to become offended at being a new meme, she has actually been laughing along with everyone else.

On Twitter, she liked and retweeted several posts of the “rise and shine” meme. On Instagram, Jenner posted a picture of herself as the happy sun from Teletubbies and changed her description to “rise and shine.” The description is now gone, but the sun picture is still up on her page.

Jenner even responded to Ariana Grande’s little request for sampling her “rise and shine” with a hilarious message. She told Grande: “Yes you can @arianagrande. As long as I’m in [the] music video.”

Jenner did not stop there, however. She subsequently showed serious business smarts by selling sweatshirts with the words “rise and shine” on them. They can be found on her official merch store, selling for $65 each. The shirts are currently sold out.

Of course, some fans also thought Jenner might have taken things a bit too far with the sweatshirt sales. They slammed her for turning a wholesome internet joke into something that only she could profit from. However, throughout Jenner’s life, it’s clear that she has been an expert at turning people’s attention — both positive and negative — into money-making opportunities, so perhaps the joke is actually on everyone else.

One thing is for sure: Jenner knows how to laugh at herself and has a great sense of humor even when she’s at the receiving end of a joke.