Proof the Royal Family Can Be Just as Silly as Us

The royal family, as we know, is steeped in formality and traditions that are centuries old. They are expected to speak and act a certain way, especially when they are carrying out official Royal duties. However, this is a tough act to keep up!

There have been many times that the members of the world’s most famous family have been caught acting silly, most likely when they didn’t realize that the cameras were on them at the time. Let’s take a look at all of the funny situations royal family members have been caught in, making us realize that despite being princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, and even the queen, they are more like us than we often think.

Prince Harry was too hungry to wait

At the launch of Meghan Markle’s cookbook, Prince Harry was so hungry that he was caught stealing a bite of food off of a table when he should have been engaging in conversation with the guests. Either everything there was so scrumptious that he couldn’t resist going in for another bite, or maybe Harry just didn’t have enough to eat. Whatever the reason, it was a totally relatable moment and something we have all done ourselves at one time or another. 

The Duke of Sussex takes center stage

When Harry and Meghan attended a production of Hamilton in London, Harry couldn’t resist getting up on stage and showing off his singing skills! While he was originally expected to give a speech and nothing more, the silly Duke couldn’t stop himself from showing off his silly side and singing one of the most famous lines from the show.

It got a huge laugh from everyone, and was quite arguably one of the most memorable moments of the entire evening!

Kate Middleton dances with Paddington bear

Who could forget the time when Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who was early in her pregnancy with Prince Louis, enjoyed a dance with one of the most loved bears in all of England?

During a visit to Paddington Station, the bear adorably took her by the hand and twirled her around for everyone to see. Although Kate was experiencing severe morning sickness at the time, she couldn’t help laughing and smiling, proving that silliness is a cure-all for just about anything.

Prince William couldn’t hold back a laugh

Perhaps he was thinking of something funny, or it could be that someone had just whispered a joke when Prince William couldn’t hold back a laugh at the celebration of the Royal Air Force’s 100th anniversary at Westminster Abbey.

In what was supposed to be a solemn moment, the Duke of Cambridge was caught stifling a giggle, proving that even the future King can’t be expected to be formal all of the time!

William falls asleep

While at the Anzac Services, held at Westminster Abbey, Prince William appears to have stayed up a little too late the night before when he nodded off in the middle of the service. It was understandable,since it had only been a few days since Prince Louis was born, and William probably had been awake throughout the night for feedings.

Even so, it is quite funny to catch a royal family member in such a situation, especially when his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, expects him to be awake and alert at all times during formal events!

It is refreshing to see that the royals have a silly side. When the cameras are on someone at all times, it is only likely that they will be caught off-guard from time to time, much to everyone’s delight and amusement!