Proof There Is No Royal Feud Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton

The royal family may have a “never complain, never explain” policy, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there is never some sort of drama within palace walls. Just like any other family, the royals have disagreements from time to time, and they even have ongoing tension.

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, it was safe to say that fans were thinking that she was shaking things up a bit. After all, Duchess Meghan is putting her own spin on royal life: She does things her own way and tends to bend the rules and protocol whenever it suits her.

The rest of the family rarely ever strays from tradition, so it is only natural that many people thought that Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate may just have a personality clash. Soon after the wedding, rumors began circulating that the two duchesses weren’t getting along.

At one point, things got so bad that it was said they weren’t even on speaking terms. Luckily the speculation has pretty much died down. Here is why royal fans now believe that there is no royal feud between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rumors of tension between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle attends the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial.
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Most royal fans can agree that when Duchess Meghan joined the family, no one really expected her and Duchess Kate to become best friends. After all, they are two completely different people: Duchess Kate is British, while Duchess Meghan is a former American actress.

The Duchess of Cambridge had been part of the family for years, while royal life was completely new to the Duchess of Sussex. However, it was almost immediately that we began reading in the headlines that the two weren’t getting along at all.

According to Her, the supposed falling out began when Middleton took her daughter, Princess Charlotte, for a bridesmaid dress fitting for Markle’s wedding, and ended up leaving in tears. Following that, the rumors got worse as time went on. And, when Princess Harry and Duchess Meghan shocked everyone with their decision to relocate to Windsor, it was said that Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan‘s feud was the reason.

Royal fans soon learned that they moved away simply to escape the spotlight of London, and soon the rumors of tension between them were put to rest.

The real feud is actually between Prince William and Prince Harry

As it turns out, there was never any friction between the two duchesses at all. Unfortunately, it was revealed that the real rift was between their husbands, Princes William and Prince Harry.

Newsweek reports that the rumors began when Prince Harry was preparing to marry Duchess Meghan back in 2018, and Prince William was concerned about how quickly they were jumping into things. He sat his younger brother down for a talk, and ever since, there has been friction between them.

When Prince Harry recently spoke about the rumors in a documentary, he admitted that royal life is definitely stressful. He also added that being in the public eye means that there is virtually no privacy, and he acknowledged that he and Prince William are “going in different directions.”

Even so, the Duke of Sussex made sure to say that he and his brother will always love each other no matter what.

Why do royal fans believe that there is no feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?

Although we know that there is tension between Prince Harry and Prince William, why do fans believe that Duchess Meghan and DuchessKate aren’t a part of the drama? According to Us Weekly, it is because Duchess Kate can clearly see how stressed Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are — and she doesn’t like it one bit. She has sympathy for the two of them, and that could only mean that she has their best interests at heart. Looks like the royal sisters-in-law are closer than we thought.