Proof Tom Brady Does Whatever It Takes to Win

There is no doubt that Tom Brady is an elite athlete. He has started in two more Super Bowls than any other quarterback in history and has more playoff wins to his own name than 28 NFL franchises can claim in their entire history. 

It takes a high level of dedication and work ethic to secure the number of accolades and the long-tenured career boasted by Brady. Below we’ve detailed five facts that show Brady truly will do whatever it takes to win.

Require a dry environment

Tom Brady during a football game
Tom Brady | Billie Weiss/Getty Images

While much of football takes place in the cooler fall and winter months, there are still some venues which can promise extreme heat, such as Miami. This weather can cause problems for Brady, who needs the football dry to ensure he performs to the best of his abilities.

In order for Brady to receive a football, it must first be snapped through the crotch of the center. If heat levels are high, the crotch area may be sweaty and swampy – which can be transferred to the football. Brady, ever the innovator, found a solution for the problem. He has allegedly required his centers to stuff towels down their pants. This keeps the ball dry and Brady in top form.

Exercises for the whole body

It is obvious that Brady has an effective exercise routine to keep his body in top playing form. What might be less obvious is that he also exercises his brain. Given the high intensity of the sport, Brady often struggled to unwind at night.  To ensure he could get to be early, he added cognitive exercises to his nighttime routine. The destimulation allows him to hit the hay by 9 p.m. 

Brady also prioritizes brain exercises traditionally meant for those with bad cognitive function to help take his processing to the next level. 

Double down on diet

Brady places serious focus and significance on what he puts into his body. 80% of his food intake comes from vegetables and whole grains, with the remaining 20% being lean meats. There is no white sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no MSG, and no white flour. Brady even avoids almost all fruit, aside from the occasional banana in a smoothie.

He also makes sure that he is extremely well hydrated, drinking 25 glasses of water a day and up to 2.5 gallons on particularly strenuous days. He specifically times his water consumption to promote good digestion. According to Brady, his water consumption also keeps him sunburn free.

Pliability for performance

While strength training is an essential component of Brady’s fitness routine, he is equally focused on muscle pliability. Brady follows the TB12 Method, invented by Brady’s trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero, which focuses on preventing injuries by keeping muscles long and soft.

The intention is to allow muscles to function more like rubber bands. Brady and believes this focus on pliability will help reduce injuries. 

Driven by competition

There are no shortage of tales about Brady’s epic competitive nature, and it is this competitive spirit that allows him to stay so focused on his eating, sleeping, and training. His coaches and teammates have described him as obsessive in his desire to win any game he plays, not just football. 

Brady has detailed competitiveness as one of his greatest attributes. One of his challenges growing up was learning not to be a poor sport, given an inclination to throw remotes and golf clubs when he was losing.

The more aggressive side of his competitive nature now shows itself in the form of trash talking on the field. He still uses his more humble beginnings as a sixth-round draft pick to keep him motivated to prove his worth.

With Brady so focused on keeping his mind and body in top form – and making sure he doesn’t have to handle any sweaty footballs – there is no telling how many more Super Bowl wins his career may hold.