This Is How ‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Really Feels About Zooey Deschanel

We love a new Hollywood romance. In early October 2019– we were all ecstatic to learn that Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott were the newest A-list couple in town. The pair met in September 2019 on the set of Carpool Karaoke. Though the duo had originally been keeping their romance on the down-low –they recently decided to go public with their new love. 

Though this romance is certainly in the honeymoon stage, we do know that it’s getting very serious rather quickly. Thus far the pair have shown major PDA at a Dancing With the Stars taping. This past October, they also visited a haunted house together and documented it on Instagram. We love that Scott and Deschanel are going for it and putting their hearts out there, even though they’ve both been in past public relationships that didn’t work out. 

Now, we know even more about how the Property Brother really feels about his lady love.

Johnathan Scott feels like Zooey Deschanel could be ‘The One’

It looks like Johnathan Scott thinks Zooey Deschanel could be the one for him. The actress attended Scott’s brother — J.D. Scott’s wedding in early November. The newlywed Scott told Hollywood Life, “It was amazing to have her there, to start with, and then to actually get the chance to see this woman that my brother is head over heels for…is wonderful. “

J.D. Scott also said that though he didn’t want to “put words in” his brother’s mouth, he sees “a lot of potential” in the actress possibly being “the one” for his brother. If your sibling is rooting for the person that you’re with, we’d say it’s probably a really good match.

This is how Zooey Deschanel feels about Johnathan Scott

The Property Brother isn’t the only one who is smitten in his new relationship. The New Girl alum is also head over heels for her new guy. A source close to the new couple told Hollywood Life,

Zooey is still taking things slow with Jonathan. However, she wasn’t expecting to like him as much as she has. He’s very different from any other guys she’s dated before, which makes it fun and exciting. He’s very, very good to her, and she loves that he’s so kind and compassionate and treats her well. She seems open to marriage and kids again with the right person, but it’s still so new, she’s not letting it go there.

Will Johnathan Scott propose to Zooey Deschanel soon?

Though the duo looks adorable together, their romance is super fresh. After all, they were only introduced and began dating one another in September 2019. Also, Deschanel just recently separated from her husband of four years, Jacob Pechenik. Scott’s new sister-in-law, Annalee Belle, told HollywoodLife, “I think she’s fitting in very well. She’s a good fit and what we’ve always wanted for him.”

Wedding bells might not be ringing in the air just yet, but Scott and Deschanel do have plans to spend the holiday season together this year. Only time will tell how things go.