10 PS4 Exclusives That Should Be Available on Xbox One

A Sony PlayStation 4 console on a blue background.

Sony PlayStation 4 | Source: Sony

Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a single video game system and play every game on it? That’s the dream for gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune amassing every console and handheld on the market, in addition to a gaming PC for all the titles that don’t make it to console. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. We live in a world with multiple gaming consoles, any one of which may or may not get a game you want to play. Here are some of the many PlayStation 4 exclusives we’d love to see cross the great divide and come out on Xbox One.

1. Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V star Ryu holding up his fists in a defensive stance.

Street Fighter V | Source: Capcom

For every game that’s not on a given system, there’s a reason. Usually it has to do with money. To secure PS4 exclusivity for Street Fighter V, I’m sure Sony upended a dump truck full of cash on Capcom’s doorstep, or took over the marketing of the game, or made some other business deal to lock it down. Based on the relatively skeletal state of the game when it first launched compared to where it is now that it’s gotten some updates, it’s also clear that Street Fighter V is a work in progress. So there’s a good chance the game never would have come out at all without the resources Sony lent Capcom to secure exclusivity.

That said, Xbox gamers enjoy fighting games. They loved Street Fighter IV, which came out on Xbox 360 a few years ago. Don’t Xbox One owners deserve the chance to engage in some sporting hand-to-hand combat? Wouldn’t they love to pull off special moves like fireballs and spinning kicks against their opponents? Of course they would. But life isn’t always fair, is it?

2. Bloodborne

The hero confronts a terrifying boss in Bloodborne.

Bloodborne | Source: Sony

From Software, the developer behind the Souls series and Bloodborne, didn’t get much traction from the first game in the series, Demon’s Souls, which also happens to be a PlayStation exclusive. It wasn’t until Dark Souls came out on multiple platforms — including Xbox 360 — that the series started getting the widespread popularity it deserved.

So it’s no stretch to assume From Software owes some of its success to the Xbox platform. Why, then, don’t Xbox One owners get to play Bloodborne, a game some consider the best in the company’s output? Xbox One owners want to hunt down demonic horrors in a victorian setting. Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.

3. No Man’s Sky

Alien dinosaurs stand on a distant planet in No Man's Sky.

No Man’s Sky | Source: Sony

One of the biggest PS4 console exclusives is No Man’s Sky, a game about exploring an endless universe of planets, while collecting resources and engaging in the occasional space fight. The developer is Hello Games, a 12-person outfit that’s previously made games on Xbox platforms. Unfortunately for Xbox One owners, No Man’s Sky will only be available on PS4 and PC. Bummer.

4. The Witness

A windmill in the game The Witness.

The Witness | Source: Jonathan Blow

Developer Jonathan Blow is the mastermind behind this deeply complex puzzle game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to bring it over the console chasm that separates PS4 from Xbox One. Which is strange, considering how much success Blow had on Xbox 360 with his previous release, Braid, a game that’s often credited with kicking off the indie paradise we’re currently living in. For Xbox One owners in the mood for a mysterious puzzle game, that’s a shame.

5. Transistor

With the 2011 game Bastion, developer Supergiant Games put out one of the most addictive and gorgeous indie games of the last console generation. Xbox 360 owners loved it. So why, when Supergiant released Transistor in 2014, did the company skip over Xbox One entirely? Transistor received great reviews, but Xbox One owners will have to have look elsewhere if they want to play it.

6. Amplitude

Space ships dropping beats in Amplitude.

Amplitude | Source: Harmonix

Developer Harmonix is best known for its work on the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. The company also put out a trippy, neon-soaked rhythm game called Amplitude that you can play with a regular controller. Correction: a regular PS4 controller. The game — which is excellent, by the way — didn’t come to Xbox One. Dear Harmonix, Xbox One owners would also like to trance out to a killer music game. Why won’t you let us?

7. Persona 5

The Persona series of Japanese role-playing games has grown in popularity with each new installment over the years. But while its offshoots have appeared on systems other than PlayStation, the core Persona games have been locked on the platform, never to stray. Unfortunately, that will remain the case with the upcoming launch of Persona 5, a game just about every RPG fan is looking forward to playing. Xbox One is severely lacking in RPGs. Why won’t developer Atlus give us what we want?

8. Hotline Miami 2

A blood-strewn mess viewed from above.

Hotline Miami 2 | Source: Devolver Digital

You’d have to look pretty hard to find a more violent game than Hotline Miami 2, a retro-style kill fest that has you invade buildings thick with enemies and take them down one by one. But it’s all so weird and stylishly portrayed that the game has a sensory heightening effect on players. The incredible soundtrack adds to the effect, and so does its difficulty, which makes every inch of progress hard-won. So it’s too bad it’s a PlayStation console exclusive, nowhere to be found on Xbox One.

9. N++

Another PlayStation console exclusive is N++, is an ultra-challenging platformer game that boils the genre down to the absolute basics. You play as a tiny nimble ninja who has to run, leap, and wall jump through screen-sized levels that are filled with things trying to kill you. The previous game in the series is available on Xbox, so why not this one?

10. Grow Home

Grow Home looks and plays like an indie game, but it actually comes from Ubisoft, one of the biggest game developers on the planet. In it, your job is to climb a giant plant on an alien planet, directing which way it grows along the way. The game ends when you reach your space ship, which is floating up in space. It’s a unique game that’s lots of fun to play — but not if all you have is an Xbox One.

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