Is the Queen Close With Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Queen Elizabeth has a lot to do each day. For one thing, she’s the queen; she owns more land than anyone in the entire world. And at 92 years old, she doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. But now, she has three young great-grandchildren who are in the spotlight almost as much as she is. Louis, the youngest, is still a bit too new to the world to really enjoy play time with his great grandmother. However, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are old enough to make memories; but how close is the queen to these two little ones?

Royal Family
Queen Elizabeth smiling at her great-grandchildren | Chris J. Ratcliffe/AFP/Getty Images

Those close to the family say Charlotte and the queen have a lot in common

Charlotte might only be three years old, but those close to her have said that she already greatly resembles the queen. Many people compared Charlotte’s first day of school photos to past photos of the queen, and the two had a lot in common. They both appeared to burst with confidence, and their statures in the photos proved it. Charlotte reportedly also loves horses, just like her grandmother. It’s likely that as Charlotte grows and develops her own habits, she’ll take after the queen even more.

The kids always spend the holidays with their great-grandmother

The kids don’t spend every waking moment with the queen, but there are definitely some important days when they spend a lot of time with her — and Christmas is one of them. George and Charlotte attended the queen’s Christmas luncheon along with their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Although George looked less than enthused from the photos taken of him in the car, Charlotte looked extremely excited to be attending such a special day. Christmas is one holiday the royal family is required to spend with the queen.

The queen leaves a gift for George and Charlotte each time they visit

Queen Elizabeth gets extremely excited to spend time with her great-grandchildren, and that’s visible in the small actions she takes whenever they come visit. The queen reportedly leaves a gift for each of her grandchildren in their bedrooms whenever they come spend the night with her. “I think that just goes to show her love for [the children] and for the family,” Kate said of the kind gesture. It’s unclear how often the children stay with their great-grandmother, but clearly the queen is full of joy when they do.

Although the kids appear close to their great-grandmother, the queen doesn’t say much about them to the public

Queen Elizabeth might love her great-grandchildren dearly, but she doesn’t say much about them to the public. That’s why when she opened up slightly about the two, people instantly took notice. At a royal engagement, the queen spoke up that Charlotte tends to watch over George, rather than the other way around. She meant that Charlotte keeps an eye on her big brother; she may be younger, but she’s very protective over him. It was nice to see the queen gushing about the little ones. It appears the two have a very kind, close relationship with their great grandmother.

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