Revealed: This Is What Queen Elizabeth II Really Thinks About Brexit

Queen Elizabeth II typically keeps a neutral stance on politics and policies. Instead, she works to help all of her Prime Ministers no matter who they might be and what they believe. However, it seems like the drama surrounding Brexit has gotten her blood bubbling. From votes of no-confidence to Brexit deals that have continued to fall through, the United Kingdom is currently going through a bit of turmoil.

So what does Queen Elizabeth really think about Brexit?

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

What is Brexit?

Brexit is an abbreviation for “British exit.” On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. It won by a very slim margin, 51.9% to 48.1%. The European Union was formed after World War II to foster cooperation between European countries on trade, economic and immigration issues. Currently, it holds 28 countries. It also has one currency, the euro and a parliament that agrees on various issues.

Untangling years of treaties, laws, dealing with healthcare, and a slew of various laws have been a political nightmare for the U.K, and it’s left many of its citizens uncertain about what’s next.

What does Queen Elizabeth II think about Brexit?

Typically, members of the British Royal Family keep their personal thoughts and feelings about politics to themselves. After all, the entire point of the royal family is that they remain neutral. However, it looks like Queen Elizabeth II has had enough of the drama.

Recently, during a visit to the Sandringham Women’s Institute the queen gave a speech calling for “respecting different points of view.” She said, “As we look for new answers in the modern age, I for one prefer the tried and tested recipes, like speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view; coming together to seek out the common ground, and never losing sight of the bigger picture. To me, these approaches are timeless, and I commend them to everyone.”

We don’t think the Brexit drama is going to die down anytime soon. The Brexit deadline is March 29, 2019, and Prime Minister Theresa May and her party have not yet come up with a plan.

Queen Elizabeth II attends the annual Braemar Highland Gathering in 2018

Queen Elizabeth II attends the 2018 Braemar Highland Gathering in 2018. | Jeff J. Mitchell/ Getty Images

Does Queen Elizbeth II support Brexit?

Since the United Kingdom has been a part of the European Union since Queen Elizabeth became queen in 1952, we hardly doubt she supports Brexit. In fact,  when The Sun reported that the queen had expressed anti-EU views at a dinner–Buckingham Palace sent a complaint to Britain’s press regulator, and The Sun was forced to issue a retraction.

Can royals vote?

Typically, royals remain silent about politics. Though there is no law that says that members of the British Royal family can’t vote, they refrain from doing so. According to the U.K. parliament website, “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”

Senior members of the royal family including, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Duchess Meghan Markle also do not exercise their right to vote.

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