Queen Elizabeth Could Be Delaying Retirement Because of This 1 Thing

Queen Elizabeth has been the Queen of the United Kingdom since she took over in 1952. And for the past few years, people have been wondering when the queen might hand the throne down to her son, Prince Charles, who would then rule with Camilla Parker Bowles at his side. However, the queen doesn’t seem ready to step down — and she might intentionally be holding off on retirement for one reason. 

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images

The queen has always kept the family together

For years, the queen has been at the center of the royal family. She was never supposed to rule; her uncle abdicated the throne years ago to marry the woman of his dreams, which left her father as the heir. And when he died sooner than expected, the queen found herself ruling at only 25 years old. But since then, she has become one of the most widely respected people in the world and has worked hard to make sure the members of the royal family stick to their duties and continue to earn that respect.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a tough time in the spotlight

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the newest working-royal couple, and they haven’t had an easy time adjusting to the spotlight as a duo. Meghan has taken a verbal beating from tabloids since she and Harry started dating, and though Harry has come to her defense on many occasions, the problem hasn’t been improving. Finally, Harry and Meghan announced a lawsuit against three major British tabloids in the early fall, which is still ongoing. But Meghan’s problems with the press sound all too familiar to what Princess Diana went through years earlier.   

The queen might be sticking around to make sure Harry and Meghan are in a good place

Queen Elizabeth remembers clearly what happened to Diana during — and after — her marriage to Prince Charles. The media was always on her case, following her everywhere and making it difficult for her to have any kind of normalcy in her life. It’s possible the queen is delaying retirement because she wants to help Meghan fall into the public’s good graces first. Meghan should be set up for a life of happiness, but it’s more like a life of turmoil right now. The royals have tried to do damage control; Harry and Meghan’s Africa trip was well received by the public, but their lawsuit so shortly after negated any of that positive publicity. It’s possible the queen wants to see her family members be in a good place before stepping down.

The public isn’t ready for Charles and Camilla to rule

Though Charles and Camilla have worked hard to build up their reputation through the years, the public never took a strong liking to them after everything that happened with their affair. It doesn’t seem like now is the best time for them to take the throne with all of the drama surrounding the royal family (Meghan and Harry’s lawsuit, Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, and the affair rumors that struck Prince William earlier this year). The queen will have to retire eventually, but it probably won’t be right now.