Queen Elizabeth II’s Head Housekeeper Just Quit Because Of A Staff Revolt Just Before Christmas, Insider Claims

This has been a taxing year for everyone across the globe. While the holidays are usually a time for friends and loved ones to come together, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made that impossible for many people including those close to the royals.

Even the staffers to the British royal family known for their decorum and discretion, have had enough. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II‘s long-time housekeeper just quit due to a staff Christmas revolt.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II| Sky News via Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth’s staff has been in isolation with her during the pandemic

The pandemic has certainly taken a toll on everyone, and like front-line workers and essential workers, the royal staff has sacrificed quite a bit. During isolation, the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have had 22 staffers with them at Windsor Castle at all times.

According to The Sun, the staffers include Queen Elizabeth’s “master of the household, her private secretary and his assistants, and other members of her senior staff.” Apparently, they are all deemed vital to the queen and the duke. In order to keep the royals safe, the staff have been unable to see their families.

“They won’t be seeing their families because no risks can be taken, and they can’t go in and out,” an insider told The Sun. “The most important thing is to protect the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh from the virus. If something happened to them, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

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Queen Elizabeth is still extremely busy during isolation

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) first hit the U.K. in early March, the queen was still proceeding with business as usual. No one really knew what we were dealing with, and she wanted to keep up her robust work schedule.

The queen believes, “If I stop, I drop,” Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, told Sky News. “If you think about it, her entire life has been one of duty. Even from when she was a tiny child her day was very regulated. So she will be very unused to this. She has probably been doing some of the things we have all been doing like going through draws and photo albums. Certainly, one thing is that she will have been kept busy.”

In addition to addressing the U.K. virtually, the queen has appeared at some in-person events, and she’s continued to work tirelessly.

Queen Elizabeth’s housekeeper just resigned in a Christmas revolt

Since many of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s staffers have been in quarantine and isolation for their health and the sake of the royals, they have been unable to spend any time with their family for long stretches of time. It has been extremely taxing for everyone.

Initially, the queen had been adamant about her annual Christmas tradition at Sandringham House. However,  The Express’ royal corresponded Richard Palmer reported that there was a “staff revolt over attempts to make them isolate from their families.”

Her Majesty was reportedly non-to pleased about this. Now, despite the change of plans, The Sun is reporting that the queen’s head housekeeper of 32 years, Patricia Earl has resigned.

It seems that Earl is deeply embarrassed “after some servants refused to COVID bubble for four weeks over the festive period so that the Queen and Prince Philip would be able to stay there safely.” The prince and queen are now set to spend the holidays at Windsor Castle.