Queen Elizabeth Is Making a Terrible Mistake That Could Destroy What’s Left of the British Monarchy

By now, we all know about Prince Andrew‘s ties to the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. It was quite a shock to learn that a member of the royal family was involved in such a serious scandal, given that they like to keep up a certain image.

Prince Andrew isn’t even heard from all that much, making his involvement slightly more jaw-dropping, since no one really saw it coming. Like most other families, the royals tend to stick together, even when they are plagued by scandal. However, this is quite possibly one of the biggest ordeals to surround the British monarchy in years.

While we don’t know exactly what is said in private, we do know that Prince Andrew recently gave an interview and that he has also stepped back from his royal duties, at least for a while. Naturally, his mother, Queen Elizabeth, isn’t just sitting back hoping that the situation blows over quickly.

Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein

What exactly were Prince Andrew‘s ties to the disgraced Jeffrey Epstein? Well, while the two weren’t inseparable since they only saw each other on occasion.

According to Town & Country, Epstein and the Duke of York first met way back in 1999, when they were introduced by a woman that the Manhattan financier was dating at the time. Over the years, they spend some time together, going back and forth between New York City and England.

They were photographed together in 2010 taking a casual stroll in Central Park, and there are photographs of Epstein attending the royal ascot in 2000. According to Prince Andrew, he has stayed at several of his former friend’s properties, but only saw him every six months or so. There are even photographs of Andrew at Epstein’s lavish New York City home. 

Is Prince Andrew facing serious allegations?

Vox reports that Prince Andrew has been accused of being involved in Epstein’s trafficking activities, although the extent of the allegations is still pretty much unknown. Prince Andrew recently gave an interview to The BBC, recorded in Buckingham Palace, that he hoped would clear up any misconceptions about his relationship with the late pedophile.

However, it only seemed to make things worse. Everyone has serious questions regarding the entire situation, and as most people are well aware, there are still many things that are unanswered.

Even so, he stands firm in denying all of the allegations against him, saying that he was spending quality time with his daughter, Princess Beatrice, on the night in question. 

Queen Elizabeth is making a terrible mistake that could destroy what’s left of the British monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

What is Queen Elizabeth doing that could potentially destroy the British monarchy for good? To many people’s disbelief, the queen, despite all of the allegations, is continuing to support her son in light of everything that is going on.

Although the Duke of York’s formal 60th birthday party was canceled, her majesty continues to stand by Prince Andrew even with the allegations of sexual impropriety. Many people think that this just looks bad not only for the queen, but for the entire family, but the queen is doing what she thinks is right.

Chances are, she is acting not as the ruling monarch, but as a mother to her beloved son, and we can only imagine that she is not going to abandon him at this difficult time. Mercury News reports the queen remains by her son’s side, however, many feel that it could destroy the monarchy as a result. 

It took a considerable amount of time — and backlash after the BBC interview — for Prince Andrew to indefinitely step away from his royal duties. Many royal fans believe that given the severity of the allegations against Prince Andrew, the queen should have taken firmer measures more swiftly.