Queen Elizabeth Just Sent The World A Message That She Wholeheartedly Trusts Kate Middleton

The queen has been under a lot of scrutiny lately over her younger son, Prince Andrew, and his controversial and problematic ties with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Earlier this year, there was rampant criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over their use of private jets and their consequent lawsuit against British tabloids.

Amidst all this, Prince Charles is stepping up in his role as heir to the throne. Reportedly, the queen is leaning on her grand-daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, as well.

Duchess Kate is slated to become queen consort when her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, takes throne. Recently, the queen took a step that effectively told the world that she trusts Duchess Kate implicitly.

Queen Elizabeth is giving Kate Middleton more responsibilities 

The queen has shown a lot of faith in the Duchess of Cambridge in recent years. She has bestowed an increasing number of royal responsibilities on the future queen consort. 

Now, Duchess Kate has been given another royal duty: She’s become a patron of the Family Action charity, the queen’s own post. The royal family supports many charities. The queen and Prince Philip are very philanthropic, and they try to use their influence for good.

Kate Middleton’s new royal duty is a big deal

Kate Middleton attends the launch of the National Emergencies Trust at St Martin-in-the-Fields.
Kate Middleton | Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Naturally, Duchess Kate has been involved in a lot of charitable work since joining the royal family. This one is different. This isn’t just any charity role. It’s one near and dear to Queen Elizabeth’s heart.

Queen Elizabeth, herself, has held the position for more than six decades. It’s obvious that the queen trusts Duchess Kate immensely. If she didn’t have faith in her abilities, she would not give her such important roles.

Duchess Kate hit the ground running with the Family Action charity. She’s already taken part in her first event and met with the staff. 

Queen Elizabeth has no plans to retire

Despite the fact that the queen is giving up some of her most loved posts, those close to her are still adamant that she doesn’t have any plans to transfer power to any of her heirs. The queen is 93, so naturally, people speculate about a potential retirement. The queen says it won’t happen. 

A royal biographer has said that Prince Charles will become regent in 2021, allowing the queen to maintain her title while transferring all of her power to Prince Charles. Again, those close to her say there’s no way, but it’s a testament to how long Duchess Kate might have to wait before taking on the job of queen consort. 

Even though it’s obvious that Queen Elizabeth is preparing her granddaughter in law for the throne, it will likely be decades before her husband, Prince William, inherits. Even if the queen does give Prince Charles the throne when she’s 95, Duchess Kate and Prince William might not ascent for another 20 years.

Prince Charles may want to hold the throne well into his 90s, like his mother. 

Who holds the throne and when an heir will inherit is interesting to speculate about, but it’s not what counts. What’s important is that the Family Action charity has a great patron in Duchess Kate.