Queen Elizabeth Might Be Delaying Retirement Because of Princess Charlotte

With most of us counting down the days until retirement age, it seems a bit perplexing why Queen Elizabeth would still be working at the age of 93.

Of course, most of us aren’t reigning monarchs, so the comparisons aren’t exactly equal. But royal fans can’t help but wonder why Her Majesty doesn’t hang up her crown, put up her feet, and join her husband Prince Philip in relaxation for the last years of her life.

The royal family
The royal family | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The answer isn’t simple. For one thing, Queen Elizabeth has served as queen for longer than anyone in British history — at this point it’s been an incredible 67 years. After that long fulfilling a role, it’s probably strange to consider not doing it anymore.

But it turns out there may be a more personal reason why Queen Elizabeth is reluctant to give up the throne and pass it on to her son, Prince Charles. It might have something to do with her great-grandchildren.

The queen wants to cement the family legacy

The British royal family wasn’t always as popular as they are now. In fact, over the years they’ve suffered plenty of negative press and general disinterest from the public. And one of the most important things Queen Elizabeth wants to pass on is a good reputation for the royal family of the future.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

“I think the Queen sees what those boys and their wives bring, I also wonder whether she even throws forward to the great grandchildren,” True Royalty TV editor Nick Bullen explained to Daily Mail a few years ago. “[Princess Charlotte] knows how to work a crowd. Maybe now through her grandchildren she can see a way of just staying on the crest of that wave.”

It’s like having these popular young royal children around, from Prince George to Master Archie, is renewing the queen’s vigor. And her desire to keep the family in good standing.

Queen Elizabeth might live another decade

Anyone who lives past 90 has certainly achieved something amazing. But for Queen Elizabeth, those genes run in the family. “Her mother lived to 101. The Queen is there for the long run…she could live for at least another 10 years,” Bullen mused. “She’s seen it all, she’s done it all, she is the ultimate working mother and working woman, and I don’t think she’s going anywhere, anytime soon.”

It’s true that Her Majesty has been stepping back and letting the younger generation handle more and more official appearances. But she’s still the queen and probably will be until she passes.

She’s setting an example for future generations

The world was a vastly different place when Queen Elizabeth became the reigning monarch in 1952. She’s at least partially responsible for ushering in a time of change and equal rights for women, most notably when she changed the line of succession to include daughters as equal to sons. Princess Charlotte has her to thank for the fact that she’s closer to the throne than Prince Louis, her younger brother.

And though she won’t publicly admit who her favorite grandchild is, Queen Elizabeth likely has a soft spot for any female doing an important job. Why would she give up the role she was destined to fulfill?

Prince Charles will just have to wait.