Queen Elizabeth or Betty White: Which One is the Bigger Icon?

When it comes to international icons, few stand taller than the ruler of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, and renowned entertainer Betty White. Although these two women are very different and work in entirely different arenas, their contributions to the world cannot be overstated. Let’s dig deep into the lives and careers of these two famous women, and discover which one is a bigger icon.

What makes Queen Elizabeth so unique?

Although it might seem like being the ruler of a country is a pretty sweet gig, Queen Elizabeth II has led a very challenging life. The longest-reigning monarch in Britain has lived through multiple wars and national disasters and survived the deaths of many close family members. She even personally served in World War II as an ambulance driver and received praise for the way she helped rally the country in patriotism. Times were so tough during World War II that for her wedding to Prince Philip, the young queen had to pay for her wedding dress with clothing ration coupons

She has had many difficult years, including 1992, which she dubbed “annus horribilis.” During that year, the royal family dealt with a terrible fire in Windsor Castle, as well as the dissolution of the marriages of three of her children, including that of Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Diana. Although she is often criticized by the British public for being out of touch with modern times, the queen has reportedly gone out of her way to make Meghan Markle, her grandson Prince Harry’s wife, feel comfortable and at ease in the family. She also notoriously enjoys a glass of champagne every day and is a renowned dog lover. For someone who was born in 1926, Queen Elizabeth has fairly modern ways after all. 

Why is Betty White such an icon?

Born in 1922, Betty White is one of the hardest-working women in entertainment. She started working in movies and television in the late 1930s and became a familiar face to audiences worldwide. In the 1970s, she landed a role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and became one of the few actresses of the time to have a thriving career in their fifties. Playing the character of Rose on The Golden Girls solidified her status as a national icon, and Betty White has remained a popular star even well into her 90s. In fact, White has the longest television career of any female entertainer in history.

Over the years, White has received six Emmy Awards and eighteen Emmy nominations. In 1995, White was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame for her contributions to entertainment over the years. White is equally well known for her love of animals. She won’t even accept a movie or film role if the script calls for any sort of animal abuse, and she has even said that she would be a zookeeper if she wasn’t an actress. Beloved by generations of fans, Betty White is a true icon and star in the truest sense of the world.

Which one is a brighter gem?

While both Queen Elizabeth II and Betty White are both gems in their own right, it’s impossible to say that one shines brighter than the other. Both women are international icons with huge followings and have each contributed in their own way to the betterment of society and of the world. From Betty White’s time as one of the golden girls to Queen Elizabeth’s work with charities all over the world, their stories are empowering and inspiring. Hopefully, these amazing women will enjoy many more years of public service and fan appreciation.