Revealed: The Important Life Skill Queen Elizabeth Taught Prince George

As a future monarch, Prince George has a lot to learn from his great-grandmother’s historic reign. However, Her Majesty isn’t focused on showing him the royal ropes just yet (she’ll likely leave that up to his grandfather, Prince Charles). Instead, Queen Elizabeth teaches Prince George practical life skills, including one habit he will likely teach his own kids one day.

Queen Elizabeth taught Prince George to clean

Prince George
Prince George must clean up after himself at Buckingham Palace. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Apparently, Prince George learned very early on that he can’t rely on royal staff to do his chores for him. The queen — aka, his great-grandmother — taught Prince George to respect the job descriptions of palace staff and pick up after himself when visiting Her Majesty (or any other royal abode). Since The Crown doesn’t pay royal aides to pick up after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, they must do so themselves. So, whenever they leave toys around, the little royal (including his siblings Princess Charlotte and, when he gets older, Prince Louis) must put his things away.

Royal rules Prince George must follow when visiting his great-grandmother, the queen

Prince George
Prince George must mind his manners around the queen. | by Pool/Sam Hussein/WireImage

Cleaning up is an excellent skill to have — especially at such a young age. But, it’s not the only guideline Her Majesty sets for her great-grandchildren. In addition to picking up their toys, they must follow certain royal rules under Queen Elizabeth’s watch (Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently banned royal rules at home). Here are the royal rules Prince George and other royal great-grandchildren must abide by.

Mind your manners

Rumor has it, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are incredibly well-mannered. Despite sudden bursts of energy, the young royals typically behave themselves, especially in the public eye and presence of their great-grandmother, the queen.

Manners are extremely important to the queen and a big part of royal life. If Prince George and his siblings are going to spend their whole lives in the public eye, they must learn to be polite and gracious.

No pasta

Hopefully, the queen makes exceptions for her great-grandchildren, but one of her biggest no-nos is pasta. The queen disapproves of the starchy food so much that she doesn’t even allow it on the Buckingham Palace menu. However, the queen isn’t completely against the high-carb meal — she just prefers to serve it on special occassions.

Prince George
Prince George can’t wear pants until his eighth birthday. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

No pants

Prince George is apparently not allowed to wear pants. That’s why we always see the young royal in long shorts and socks. Wearing pants before the age of eight is considered highly “suburban” and therefore inappropriate for an upper-class family like the royal family.

Bow to the queen

Apparently, Prince George is the only one of his siblings — at least for now — who bows to the queen. According to royal etiquette rules, young princes and princesses begin bowing and curtsying to the queen at the age of five. However, some think that Prince George might have started the tradition at an earlier age.  

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