Queen Elizabeth ‘Worried’ About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Their Comments Could Be ‘Very Damaging’ to the Royal Family

The documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal tour of Africa went beyond their visit and did a deep dive into how they are dealing with the scrutiny they endure on a daily basis. The Sussexes were very candid about how painful the experience has been, something that reportedly left Queen Elizabeth “worried.”

queen worried prince harry meghan markle
Queen Elizabeth ll, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry and Markle share their thoughts about life in the spotlight

During their interviews for the documentary, Meghan and Harry: An African Journey, each reflected on the pressures of their very public life.

Markle even noted that her British friends warned her not to marry Prince Harry because the tabloids would target her, though she admitted she was naive about the matter.

Prince Harry’s concerns are connected to his mother’s experience with the media and the pressure of protecting his wife from a similar fate.

The queen is reportedly “very worried”

According to royal experts, the queen and senior royals are “very worried” about Prince Harry and Markle. Royal commentator Phil Dampier, who wrote Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan In Their Own Words, shared that members of the royal family found their interview responses in the documentary to be “very serious” and are concerned. 

Similarly, Jonny Dymond, royal correspondent for BBC, explained to Radio 4 Today: “I think they (the royal family) will be pretty horrified actually” and royal commentator Penny Junor called the couple’s documentary interviews a “big mistake.”

Dampier told MailOnline: “I hope on their six week holiday they reflect very carefully on what they do next. They had turned a corner with the Africa trip but all the good works were overshadowed by this attack on the press. They are either being badly advised or ignoring advice.”

“They have brought the bad press on themselves”

Dampier further weighed in on Markle’s documentary interview, noting: “I’m frankly astonished that Meghan is surprised by scrutiny from the tabloids and that she claims there aren’t any tabloids in the US. She has been an actress for many years and must’ve had all sorts of publicity, good and bad. I can’t believe she would be that naive.”

He continued: “Also, surely Harry, who is so desperate to protect her, would have warned her right from the start what she was letting herself in for.  And they both said as much in their engagement interview.”

Dampier also doesn’t think the tabloids are all that brutal, sharing: “I can honestly say that most tabloid royal reporters and editors I know wanted Meghan to succeed and saw her as a breath of fresh air.”

He added: “They have brought the bad press on themselves by lecturing people about climate change while using private jets themselves, telling the public — who paid for their home renovations — that they couldn’t see pictures of Archie’s christening, or know the names of his godparents, or even their dog!  The British people don’t like hypocrisy.”

Why this could be “very damaging”

In regards to Prince Harry appearing to confirm that he and his brother, Prince William, have had issues with their relationship, Dampier noted: “It was very significant that Harry admitted there were problems with William. That proves the tabloids don’t just make everything up and there has been a rift.”

The Daily Mirror’s royal editor, Russell Myers, appeared on Lorraine to explain how Markle’s interview in particular may be “damaging.” Myers noted: “Meghan is struggling…. The very powerful moment where she says nobody has asked her if she’s okay, I think that was very raw and very emotional.”

He added: “But I think this is potentially very damaging for the royal family as well. Because what does she mean by that? Does she mean that Prince Charles, Kate, Prince William, Camilla, have not asked her how she is? They obviously understand the struggles she’s going through as well.”