‘Queer Eye’ Fans Can Finally Bring Antoni Porowski’s Recipes into Their Own Homes

If you’ve ever wanted to jump into an episode of Queer Eye and sample whatever Antoni Porowski is cooking up, you’re not alone. As the food and wine expert on Netflix’s reality series, this chef has a few recipes under his sleeve and now he’s ready to share them with the world. Learn more about Antoni Porowski’s cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, here.

Boursin and Antoni Porowski
Boursin and Antoni Porowski Host Farm Fresh Fete | Photo by Erik Voake/Getty Images for Boursin Cheese

Antoni Porowski is the food and wine expert on Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

This foodie is known for many things. He appeared in a Taylor Swift music video, he did drag with RuPaul’s Drag Race alumna Miz Cracker, and he is one of the cast members on the Emmy Award-winning series, Queer Eye. For four seasons now, Porowski acted as the food and wine expert, encouraging local heroes to step out of their comfort zone to create simple, quick, and healthy meals.

But Porowski’s love of food doesn’t stop there. He appeared on Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel, where he cooked alongside the professional chef, Carla. When he’s not in Philadelphia filming the fifth season of Queer Eye, fans can sometimes find this chef at his restaurant in New York City, The Village Den.

Antoni Porowski
Antoni Porowski | Erik Voake/Getty Images for Boursin Cheese

The food and wine expert has his own restaurant in New York City, The Village Den

If you live near New York City, you can experience Antoni’s love of avocados up close. The Village Den in Manhattan features multiple inexpensive, vegan, and vegetarian menu items, all approved by the Queer Eye expert.

If you don’t live near New York City, don’t worry. Antoni Porowski’s cookbook is finally available for fans to purchase, featuring simple, accessible meals for every diet. The cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen, released on Sept. 9, 2019. Already, fans are raving about the new recipes and stories that the chef shares.

Antoni Porowski premiered his cookbook, entitled ‘Antoni in the Kitchen’

On Sept. 9, Antoni Porowski released his newest project with the public — his cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen. The book is somewhat autobiographical, including recipes that reflect Porowski’s heritage, childhood, and current relationship with food. Everything from a meat section to appetizers to how to prepare a cheese plate is available for fans to experiment with. Porowski elaborated on the book’s content during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I just treated it like starting from the beginning, like dishes that I remember when I was a little kid and my parents would prepare for me, the Polish food that I loved and that I was ashamed of when I got older because being Polish wasn’t really cool all the time,” Antoni Porowski said. “But then I revisited stuff I made when I was a broke-a** student, to food that I make now, to some Queer Eye behind-the-scenes stuff that never made it.”

“It’s like an homage to recipes that I’ve tried from all over the place,” he continued. “And what I realized very quickly is that it is an autobiography. All these dishes are important. There’s a reason why I keep making them over and over again.”

Antoni in the Kitchen is available at Barnes and Noble, Target, Amazon, and most major bookstores.