‘Queer Eye’: What Is the Name of the Dog in Season 3?

The Fab Five added a new cast member to their Netflix original this season. He’s been eating, barking, and scampering into viewers’ hearts ever since. In Season 3 of Netflix’s Queer Eye, a certain furry friend transformed the “Fab Five” into the “Fab Six,” and his name is Bruley.

Queer Eye
Queer Eye | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Meet the new ‘Queer Eye’ mascot: Bruley

Netflix’s premiere of Queer Eye: Season 3 took place on March 15 and introduced viewers to a new cast of “heroes.” The eight new episodes tackled challenging subjects like self-image, independence, and loss, mixed with flecks of cuteness from their dog, Bruley. He was the perfect way to break the tension.

Queer Eye fans were first introduced to their new team mascot by Antoni and Jonathan on the first episode of Season 3. Since then, this dog has been popping up in each episode of the Netflix original and stealing hearts along the way. Other cast members showed their love for Bruley at the Fab Five loft and fans have taken to Twitter, showing their love for Bruley since the new season’s premiere.

He’s a French bulldog from California

Sometimes he’s called “Bruley,” sometimes he’s called “Bru,” sometimes he’s called “a magical bay-bay” (thank you for that, Jonathan), but he’s always been a Los Angeles-based, male, French bulldog.

According to Decider, his favorite snacks include Greenies treats (one per day!) and squash casserole from EJ’s, featured in Episode 6 of Queer Eye. Bruley’s tenth birthday was on February 26th, according to his owner’s Instagram, but he’s still looking as cute and as fabulous as ever, no matter the age.

Bruley’s mom works on the ‘Queer Eye’ set

His human mother, Queer Eye producer Michelle Silva, brought Bruley to Kansas City once the cast started filming Season 3, according to Decider. She started working on the show during season three and during that time, she lived down the hall from the Fab Five’s loft.

Bruley would often make an appearance while the crew was shooting a new episode, according to Buzzfeed, sharing snacks with Antoni and enjoyed belly rubs from Bobby. The only natural next step was to add another member to the gang. Silva said Bruley would even interact with the heroes when they visited the loft, and swipe a few snacks when the cast wasn’t looking.

“Bruley loved the day Antoni set up a high tea for the BBQ sisters,” Silva said. “He definitely stole a few sandwiches off-camera while the sisters were trying on clothes with Tan.”

Queer Eye with Wombat
Queer Eye with Wombat | Don Arnold/Getty Images for Netflix Australia

Bruley has an Instagram

For some added cuteness, Bruley has a “gorgeous” Instagram account filled with pictures and videos from his owner and behind-the-scenes cuteness from Queer Eye. Formerly Bruleybru, the dog can now be followed at @bruley for updates about his snack filled adventures.

Fans also raced to Twitter to make gifs and memes of their virtually-adopted pup. It’s not the same as him actually being in the room, but it’s close.

There’s no information as to whether or not Bruley will be making an appearance in future Queer Eye episodes. We can only hope.