Queer Eye’ Star Antoni Porowski is Officially Single — But He’s Not Ready to Date, He Says

It’s official, Queer Eye fans, Antoni Porowski is back on the market. Sort of. Antoni and Trace Lenhoff are through, but Porowski threw fans through a loop when he and co-star Jonathan Van Ness joked on Instagram about being a couple

Now, the Queer Eye food expert is opening up about his dating life, and what the future of his relationships might look like, including his relationship with himself. 

The Van Ness and Porowski fakeout

With Queer Eye Season 4 out on Netflix, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness have been working hard to promote the show. Perhaps a little too hard — they managed to fake out plenty of fans with an Instagram account called “Jvntoni.” 

Jvntoni features a variety of photos depicting the two Queer Eye experts as lovers. Images include campy and cute photos of the two cuddling, feeding each other, posing together, you name it. Add to that a picture Van Ness uploaded to his Instagram of a shared kiss with Porowski, and fans went wild. 

Van Ness cleared the air on Twitter, however, for those who weren’t in on the joke. Van Ness wrote, “Also for clarification, [Antoni Porowski] I are a couple — of very close friends who run a satirical couple account and may fall in love someday, but that day is not necessarily today.”

The breakup with Trace Lenhoff

The Queer Eye food expert and his Flipping Out ex-boyfriend were together for roughly a year — so fans of the two are wondering what exactly went wrong. A source who claims to be close to the two told E!, “The relationship ran its course. Things just didn’t work out and he is concentrating on work.”

Porowski and Lenhoff met via Instagram DMs, which Porowski claims is the “2019 way.” They met last year after Porowski and long-time boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer split following seven years of dating. 

Photos of the couple have been removed from Porowski’s Instagram since their split. 

Next steps for Antoni Porowski

Anyone who has been through a breakup knows that the early days are the hardest. Porowski must know this as well, because he’s been taking pains to make sure he’s surrounded by those he loves in what could otherwise be a very lonely time. He revealed that, right now, re-engaging with his close friends is a priority. 

“I’m single now and it’s been a good opportunity to connect with friends. I’ll make food for them and we’ll all hang out in the kitchen. We’ll nosh on like a cheese and charcuterie board and then I’ll make a dish. Then we sit down and enjoy it. That’s my very favorite,” said Porowski

The Queer Eye food expert also revealed that when it comes to dating, he’s got some work to do. During a chat with Andy Cohen, Porowski said, “As somebody who’s pathologically codependent — and I constantly lose myself in my relationships and forget who I am — I’m trying to figure out who the hell I am right now, so I’m taking it slow. And watching a lot of Housewives, and eating a lot of Swedish fish.”

After two relationships ending, it makes sense that Porowski might need to take some time to find himself again, and it’s refreshing to see a star like Porowski acknowledge that self-love needs to be actualized before dating again.