‘Queer Eye’ Stars Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness Both Won This 2019 Book Award for Their Cookbook and Memoir

On Queer Eye, Netflix’s hit makeover series, Jonathan Van Ness is the hairstylist and self-care expert, while Antoni Porowski serves as the go-to guy for nutrition advice and simple-but-delicious recipes. While the two touchy besties are tragically not dating, this month, they both won a major award for their books. Earlier this year, Porowski published a cookbook called Antoni in the Kitchen and Van Ness published a memoir titled Over The Top.

Antoni Porowski with Jonathan Van Ness of 'Queer Eye'
Antoni Porowski with Jonathan Van Ness | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Van Ness shares photos from book tour on Instagram, opens up about H.I.V. diagnosis

The Queer Eye hair guru took a big and vulnerable step by coming out as H.I.V. positive this year. It’ something he dives deeper into in his memoir, Over The Top.

“This book is my story of using my pain and trauma to learn to love myself, it also is a joyous example of how I use comedy to cope and navigate this cray cray world,” Van Ness wrote in an Instagram post from his book tour. The memoir digs into childhood bullying, his devastating diagnosis, and other trauma.

“It educates on living w HIV amongst some other tough things I have encountered,” he wrote, “but it also is hilarious & a gorgeous time.”

In another post, The Queer Eye hairstylist extraordinaire expanded:

“Writing this book has been one of the scariest but most rewarding experiences of my life,” Van Ness explained. He said he was completely honest about his struggles.

“I shared the most resilient, hilarious, tough, but then again hilarious parts of myself in the most vulnerable way that I can.” Van Ness also wrote that he hopes Over The Top can be a light for people living with darkness:

I hope for anyone who has struggled with surviving abuse, food issues, self acceptance, addiction of any kind, their HIV+ status or anything else to know that we CAN & DO heal. Sometimes the healing isn’t perfect, but we keep trying because honey we must choose love of self, because the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one. I hope you find all the joy and hope through reading my journey loves.

Jonathan Van Ness, the ‘Queer Eye’ self-care expert, won a GoodReads award for ‘Over The Top’

As part of the 11th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, readers voted Van Ness’s new book to the number one spot on the Best Memoir and Autobiography list. His book received over 28,000 votes.

“As the breakout star of Netflix’s Queer Eye,” they wrote, “Jonathan Van Ness has an army of fans from the show. As an author, he now has another devoted following—and a Goodreads Choice Award.” Goodreads continued to highlight what they loved about Over The Top:

Van Ness chronicles his childhood in a small Midwestern town where he endured years of ridicule and trauma, only to emerge as one of pop culture’s most genuinely inspiring figures. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Then you’ll laugh again.

Van Ness responded on Twitter: “To be nominated alongside such incredible authors & winning memoir/ autobiography of the year award from @goodreads is such a huge honor.”

Antoni Porowski, the food and recipe expert on ‘Queer Eye’ also won a ‘Best Book of 2019’ award for his cookbook

Porowski also published a book of recipes in 2019, titled Antoni in the Kitchen. The Queer Eye food expert wrote on Instagram that “stories” were what “shaped the recipes in the cookbook.”

“From soups and stews inspired by my Polish parents to the off-the-cuff dinner party snacks I make for my friends,” Porowski wrote.

Recently, Porowski’s cookbook also won a Goodreads Choice Award and is now named one of their Best Books of 2019. Antoni in the Kitchen was voted #1 under Best Food and Cookbooks, with over 25,000 votes.

“In another win for the Queer Eye team,” Goodreads wrote, “food and wine guru Antoni Porowski takes the cookbook prize with a collection of recipes that focuses on healthiness and simplicity.” The site commended the cookbook for including recipes that have “five ingredients or fewer and can be carried off even by total beginners.” Goodreads even named a few of their favorite dishes: “Bastardized Easy Ramen; Malaysian Chili Shrimp; Roasted Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto; and Salty Lemon Squares.”

Porowski responded on Twitter, also shouting out his Queer Eye co-star.

Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness of 'Queer Eye'
Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness of Netflix’s Queer Eye | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for A. Human

“Deeply honoured to win this incredible award,” he wrote, “and even more touched that I get to share it with @jvn!!! To everyone who voted, thank you thank you thank you my heart is full.”

Van Ness retweeted Porowski’s heartfelt message.