R. Kelly’s Girlfriend, Azriel Clary, Speaks After Moving Out His Chicago Condo

R. Kelly remains behind bars on charges of sex trafficking in multiple states. He’s set to go to trial in 2020 but a recent suit against him for his alleged marriage to singer Aaliyah has just been added, making more trouble for the already embattled star.

Azriel Clary
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While Kelly sits in prison awaiting trial, his girlfriends continue to make headlines. Reports surfaced that Azriel Clary moved out of their shared home and she’s now speaking out for the first time since her move.

Who is Azriel Clary?

Clary first met Kelly when she was 16-years-old at a concert in Florida. They began working together, as Clary’s parents allowed the two to work on music under the impression that Kelly would mentor and groom Clary as an artist. 

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At some point, the relationship between Clary and Kelly became romantic. Her parents detailed how they discovered the two were together in the Lifetime docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly. When Clary turned 18, she cut off contact with her family. At the time of the docuseries, she hasn’t been in contact with her family in over four years. They believed their daughter was being mentally and physically abused by Kelly.

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In May, Clary and Kelly’s other live-in girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, spoke with Gayle King for their first televised interview and fiercely denied that there was any abuse. They claimed that they were with Kelly on their own terms. Clary said that her reason for not speaking with her family was her choice as she felt they were using her relationship with Kelly for their own financial gain.

Azriel Clary speaks after moving out of R. Kelly’s condo 

Clary has not participated in any interviews since her sit-down with King. She supported Kelly at a few of his court dates but has been silent since his incarceration. She shocked many when she created social media pages following Kelly’s sentence. Clary is now active on Instagram, Twitter and said that she has a YouTube channel in the works that will document her daily life. The Shade Room was one of the first media outlets to share her new pages. 

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“Wassup y’all it’s your girl Azriel, and I just wanted to let y’all know I am on social media,” she said in a video. “I am going to be putting up videos very soon so definitely comment, stay tuned, let me know what type of content you would like to see.”

On Dec. 7, TMZ confirmed that Clary moved out of the Trump Tower condo she shared with him and Savage. Sources told TMZ that Clary wanted to distance herself from Kelly’s legal issues, as well as the drama surrounding Savage’s fake Patreon page. YouTube vlogger Tasha K exclusively revealed the same information in a video weeks before TMZ’s report and claimed that Clary had not been in contact with Kelly for months and was finally in communication with her family.

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Clary is said to now be focusing on her singing career, something she previously told King that she wasn’t interested in pursuing. Clary also released a video where she stood by Kelly, letting the world know that they were very much still together. 

Now, Clary is speaking out since her move. Posting to her Twitter account, she wrote, If you think I created social media to publicize my private life your sadly mistaken. “If I choose to share, say or not say anything that is 100% my choice whether now or in the future. Love me or hate me I’m not here to appease you, nor am I your gossip outlet.”

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In another tweet, she spoke about leaving gossip in 2019. Her social media accounts are full of behind the scenes videos and photo of studio sessions of different projects she’s working on. Clary hinted that she will tell her story in the near future and reveal all about her current relationship status.