Rachel Griffiths Apologizes for Saying It’s ‘Easier’ to Watch ‘People Dying’ With ‘Beautiful Nails’

Australian actress, Rachel Griffiths recently came under fire for a remarkably insensitive Instagram post. Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the most recent displays of police brutality against Black bodies, many celebrities have made extraordinarily tone-deaf remarks. Griffiths is the latest celebrity to receive tremendous backlash for showing just how out of touch she really is.

Rachel Griffiths Instagram
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 30: Rachel Griffiths attends the NGV Gala 2019 at the National Gallery of Victoria on November 30, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Sam Tabone/Getty Images for NGV)

On May 3, 2020, the Six Feet Under alum took to her Instagram page to show off a fresh manicure. Sporting her massive diamond ring and light pink nails, she rejoiced over getting her first manicure in many weeks. Because of coronavirus, Griffiths, like many others, has been unable to get her nails done professionally. The actress felt as if this manicure was something to celebrate. But she managed to be extremely insensitive whilst choosing to do so.

Rachel Griffiths slammed for her tone-deaf Instagram post

“Shallow I know….America is burning people are dying..but still it just seems easier on the soul to watch all this happening with beautiful nails. And judging by the line of desperate ladies I am not alone. Shallow people we are but I need to share this important COVID update. The manicurist are open!!! Tip generously as they have not had income since COVID lockdown,” Griffiths captioned her Instagram post.

Naturally, Griffiths received no small amount of backlash for her post. Many people were outraged and disgusted that Griffiths would make such a post given everything going on with the world. Some people were even repulsed enough to declare that Griffiths was officially “canceled”. “Rachel Griffiths’ career? Six feet under,” one person declared on Twitter.

The actress apologizes for her insensitive post

Seeing the tremendous backlash her Instagram post was receiving, Griffiths made the decision to take it down. Shortly after deleting, she shared another message to her Instagram page, apologizing for the since-deleted post. The video features an Australian journalist giving a speech on racism. Griffiths also expressed her apologies in a lengthy caption.

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“The last few days have been wrenching . My post early today leant away from that pain but I understand in doing so it pained others who can’t look away from what’s happening- can’t turn off and check out because it is their lives – their brothers theirs sisters their children. And it’s not over ‘there’. This our country’s stain also. I did not intend to trivialise just escape it. But that I understand is part of the problem,” Griffiths began.

Will fans forgive Griffiths’ Instagram faux pas

“I am sorry. I am sorry that I got this so wrong today. I am sorry that I abdicated any meaningful sense-making of what is happening this week and has been happening for centuries. Thank you to the people who have called me out. I have a long way to go to truly understand my white bi*ch privilege. Here are some facts from #stangrant that are ours. Australia’s,” Griffiths concluded in her apology Instagram post.

Naturally, fans had mixed reactions about Griffiths apology. Some found it genuine and expressed that they understood the nature of the since-deleted Instagram post. Others found the apology hollow and urged Griffiths to take more concrete action in fighting against racism with action. Only time will tell if those who have chosen to “cancel” Griffiths can forgive her.