Rachel Lindsay Reacts to Hannah Brown’s Apology for Using the N-Word

It was just a few weeks ago that Hannah Brown was caught on video using the N-Word. Since then, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo and other Bachelor alums have weighed in on the situation. Lindsay Abasolo has been at the forefront of the conversation. Not only is she the only Black lead that the franchise has ever seen, but she also had a one-on-one conversation with Brown after seeing the video in question.

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo on Hannah Brown
Rachel Lindsay Abasolo | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

According to Lindsay Abasolo, Brown was supposed to go live on her Instagram page to apologize for singing the n-word in a song. Then she was supposed to bring Lindsay Abasolo on before having a more in-depth conversation. But, the attorney was forced to go live on her own and have a discussion about the history of the N-word after Brown ghosted her. Instead of going live, Brown chose to make a statement on her Instagram story which, of course, expired after 24 hours.

Hannah Brown speaks out after her N-Word video circulates

“I owe you all a major apology. There is no excuse and I will not justify what I said. I have read your messages and I have seen the hurt I caused. I own it all. I am terribly sorry and know that whether in public or private, this language is unacceptable. I promise to do better,” the Alabama native wrote in the since-expired Instagram story. Naturally, people found Brown’s original apology disappointing, Lindsay Abasolo in particular. But, a few weeks later Brown did make an 18-minute long apology video which she posted to her feed.

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So how does Lindsay Abasolo feel about Brown’s most recent apology? In a recent interview with Page Six, the former Bachelorette weighed in. “I don’t want to critique an apology. An apology is an apology. It was solid and it was heartfelt, which is exactly what I would expect when it takes you two weeks to put out an apology. I mean, it should have been all those things,” Lindsay Abasolo began.

How does Rachel Lindsay Absasolo feel about Hannah Brown’s apology?

The attorney continued on to share how that it wasn’t for her to judge Brown’s heart. “I wanted her to do a live video, so people could see her, and she did it, and it came across as genuine to me. I’m not going to judge what was in her heart. I know that when I talked to her on the phone — two weeks ago when it happened — she was upset at what she did. So I feel like her apology was genuine,” Lindsay Abasolo stated.

But, Lindsay Abasolo did express the hope that Brown would truly deliver on the promises that she made in her apology video. “There were a lot of things that were promised in the apology as far as she’s going to take action, and so I think people are watching for that,” the 35-year-old shared. It would seem that Brown is beginning to educate herself and her followers. On June 4, 2020, she shared a video to her page about why using the N-word is never appropriate for non-Black people.

The former Bachelorette shares a resource on Instagram

Urging her followers not to defend her actions, she once again addressed her usage of the N-word. ⁣⁣”⁣It is SO important to me to tell y’all that there is no defending what I said, and I hope this video helps you understand why you should not defend me either,” Brown shared in her caption. We can only hope that Brown will continue to educate herself and use her platform to educate others. Lindsay Abasolo has been shouldering that burden for far too long and it’s past time that others in Bachelor Nation joined in