Rachel Lindsay Has Some Thoughts on Mike Johnson Not Being Cast as the Next ‘Bachelor’

After what feels like a decade long wait, the new Bachelor has finally been revealed and it is, drum roll please— Peter Weber.

While many fans are extremely thrilled that Peter the Pilot is the next leading man in the Bachelor franchise, others are pretty disappointed with this news.

Rachel Lindsay disappointed in new 'Bachelor' casting
Rachel Lindsay | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Many fans were left upset after learning that the franchise did not cast Mike Johnson, who would have made history as the first black Bachelor.

While fans have been voicing their disappointment over this news, former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, recently revealed that she, too, was rooting for Johnson.

Lindsay is disappointed in the lack of diversity

Since the last season of The Bachelorette came to an end, many of us have been on edge as we waited patiently to learn who would be cast as the next Bachelor.

The race for the title was between Peter Weber and Mike Johnson, who were the two frontrunners during Hannah Brown’s season.

Both men had a ton of fans rooting for them to become the next Bachelor and in the end, Weber won the title and was announced as the next franchise lead during the season six finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

While many fans can’t contain their excitement over this news, others are upset that the show’s producers didn’t cast Johnson.

Even former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, was looking forward to the Air Force veteran becoming the next franchise lead and recently opened up about her disappointment.

While speaking with ET‘s Melicia Johnson on September 17, Lindsay shared her true thoughts on Peter the Pilot being cast as the next Bachelor.

“I think Peter seems like a very nice guy. He seems lovely,” she said. “This is absolutely nothing against him, but how many Peters have we seen before? What season are we on? 24. So, we’ve seen 24 Peters. I’m bored. And it’s nothing personal against him.” 

Lindsay then went on to explain that though she is sure Weber will do a great job in the role, she’s disappointed that the franchise continues to have a lack of diversity.

“For the first time, I was very confident that we were going to see our first black Bachelor,” she explained. “And so if no one else is going to speak on it, then I guess it’s my duty to say it.” 

She holds nothing against Peter the Pilot

Since he was first introduced on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, fans have been in love with Mike Johnson.

The Air Force vet gained major popularity for his sweet personality, his love for his family, and of course, his award winning smile.

After he was eliminated just one week before hometown dates, fans immediately began urging producers to cast Johnson as the first African American Bachelor.

Even Rachel Lindsay was rooting for him since the beginning and was confident that the show’s casting directors would see that Johnson was a shoo-in to become the next lead in the franchise.

“I want to be hopeful, but when you have a contestant like Mike Johnson, who seems to check all the boxes, how is he not the Bachelor? I don’t understand,” Lindsay said.

Although Johnson wasn’t chosen in the end, the former Bachelorette still believes that changes need to be made within the franchise.

“I’m sure they have some reason for not picking him, and I’m going to trust in that, but at the same time, the system isn’t working in giving us a Bachelor who is a person of color,” she expressed. “So we need to change the system. Something has to be done. Break the rules, step outside the box, give the people what they want!”