Rachel Lindsay on the Moment She Knew ‘The Bachelor’ Was Making Excuses About Diversity

Arguably one of the most outspoken people in The Bachelor franchise, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo is continuing to use her platform to speak on things that matter. This time, she’s speaking out about the franchise that made her a household name. As Lindsay Abasolo remains the only Black lead within the entire franchise since its inception in 2002, she knows all too well how sparse the franchise is when it comes to diversity. Now, the former Bachelorette is done making excuses.

Rachel Lindsay Bachelor alum
Rachel Lindsay | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for McDonald’s

Fans of the Bachelor franchise have been complaining about the lack of diversity for years. Most recently, fans were upset when Clare Crawley (who hadn’t been seen in the franchise for years) was chosen as The Bachelorette over Tayshia Adams, who is of Black and Mexican descent. They felt that the franchise, once again, passed on an opportunity to diversify. Furthermore, when Peter Weber was selected as The Bachelor over fan-favorite, Mike Johnson, fans were disappointed that the franchise shirked the opportunity to have their first Black male lead.

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo talks lack of diversity in ‘The Bachelor’ franchise

In a recent interview with Page Six, Lindsay Abasolo got candid about how disheartening it was that the Bachelor franchise wasn’t making more of an effort to cast their shows in a way that was more representative of American society. The attorney argued that she could not continue to be silent about the issue and that she couldn’t see how anyone could fault her for her beliefs. But, Lindsay Abasolo didn’t place the blame fully on the Bachelor franchise, she also personally took some of the responsibility.

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Sharing that she has made excuses in the past about why there is such a lack of diversity, the attorney called herself out. “I feel like I’ve been a little bit a part of the problem. We continue to make excuses as to why we haven’t seen this change. You continue to say, ‘Oh, well it’s just because the lead hasn’t picked a person of color that’s gone far enough. Oh, this person was more qualified for this person. Oh, the audience liked this person more.’ But that’s not true,” the 35-year-old shared.

‘The Bachelorette’ changed her tune after Kristian Haggerty joined ‘BIP’

The turning point for Linday Abasolo came during the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise. When Kristian Haggerty, who never had any affiliation with the Bachelor franchise, was invited to stay on the beach in Mexico in order to pursue a relationship with her ex-fiancée, Demi Burnett, Lindsay Abasolo knew that the Bachelor franchise was making excuses. It became abundantly clear that the producers could do anything they wanted to, and clearly, diversity wasn’t a priority for them.

“Once I saw what they did in ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ bringing in somebody who is not even a cast member in Kristian to facilitate this relationship between Demi and Kristian, I know that that franchise has the power to do whatever they want, including having a lead of color, and it’s time to stop making excuses,” Lindsay Abasolo shared. Hopefully, with fans and alums of The Bachelor speaking out, the producers will finally begin to take diversifying their franchise seriously. But, we won’t hold our breath.