Rachel Lindsay Pushed Back Against Becca Kufrin’s Remarks on Garret Yrigoyen’s ‘Tone-Deaf’ Posts

Americans held protests for Black lives and against police brutality this past week, and it’s still going strong. Not to mention, the movement has grown overseas, too. It’s been a time to become more educated on the discrimination in this country, and a lot of celebrities have posted about it as well. In fact, it speaks more when a celebrity hasn’t posted something right now. 

Included in this is Bachelor Nation, and recently Garret Yrigoyen’s post about police caused a stir online. And while his fiancé Becca Kufrin tried to rationalize his thinking, Rachel Lindsay pushed back. 

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Becca Kufrin tried to defend Garret Yrigoyen’s recent social media actions

On June 4, Yrigoyen posted a black square with a blue line on it to his Instagram, writing, “With so many friends and family in law enforcement, I couldn’t sit back and not support them and the hundreds of thousands of men and women of all races that represent this Thin Blue Line as well.”

Kufrin’s brother-in-law and sister both commented on it, essentially saying this is the time to stand behind Black voices. And on the June 9 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Kufrin also touched on his actions. 

“Garrett is my fiancé and I love him and to his core, I believe that he is a good person. What he posted … I don’t align with and I don’t agree with,” the former bachelorette said. “I don’t think he meant it in a malicious way, I do think it was tone-deaf and it was the wrong time and message and sentiment… I’m trying to get him to see the bigger picture.”

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I’ve been pretty tore up the past week about everything going on. I’ve listened, learned, helped, supported, and grown. With so many friends and family in law enforcement I couldn’t sit back and not support them and the hundreds of thousands of men and women of all races that represent this Thin Blue Line as well. It’s important for me to recognize the ones who stand in the gap and put their lives on the line each and every single day for humans of different race and ethnicity, including those who hate them. The Thin Blue Line represents each officer protecting protestors, properties, and businesses while being threatened, attacked, shot, shot at, hit with vehicles, and other forms of brutality. There have been over 300 injured, shot, or killed in just one week. They are suffering the consequences over an act they didn’t commit. They continue to put in overtime away from their families, stay silent while being threatened, hated, and assaulted. We can’t judge an entire group of people by the actions of a few. We can’t judge the peaceful protesters by the actions of the few violent protesters, and we sure can’t judge all cops by the actions of a few bad ones. Remember when they put on the badge they’re still humans, with raw emotion, the more brutality they face the more on edge they become, they make mistakes, they have compassion, and no matter how terrible they are treated or whatever negative is said to them, they still show up for us when we need them! Remember these men and women who hold this Thin Blue Line; strangers, friends, family, neighbors, or your enemies. They will always be out there protecting us, no matter what! #thinblueline #antiracism #antibrutality

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Kufrin then tried to explain where Yrigoyen was coming from and why he posted that message. “[Yrigoyen’s] buddy’s partner got shot in the back of the head during one of these riots, so he wanted to ‘stand by the cops too.’” She also said that he didn’t only mean “cops lives matter.” 

However, Lindsay was not on that same boat. 

“That is what it means. That’s 100 percent what it means. I don’t care what he wrote after it,” the other former bachelorette, and only Black lead (ever), said. 

Rachel Lindsay pushed back; ‘Garrett is what the problem is’

Lindsay prefaced her response by pointing out that she and Kufrin have talked about this on the side, personally, and that Kufrin is one of a few friends from Bachelor Nation to reach out to her in all of this. Not to mention, Kufrin told her “not to hold back” in what she had to say about Yrigoyen’s posts. Lindsay said she genuinely cares about Kufrin’s wellbeing, and with that in mind, she also wanted to explain how his posts made her feel as a Black woman. 

“This is not an isolated accident with Garrett’s behavior and I never spoke about what Garrett did during your season. I never spoke about it and it was out of respect for you and your relationship,” Lindsay said, regarding the racist posts he liked prior to going on the show. Lindsay then dives into what his two most recent posts showed her.  

To me, this is what Garrett thinks, this is what Garrett is. He posted a black box. He never said ‘black lives matter.’ He posted fists of every color, which to me is like, ‘Everybody, all lives.’ And then the very next post is the thin blue line with a heartfelt, thought-out caption that he said with his chest. And to me, that is what you feel and that is what you believe. I don’t think Garrett is malicious, but Garrett is what the problem is.

Lindsay then explained the optics of Blue Lives Matter versus Black Lives Matter, highlighting that being born Black isn’t a choice. He missed the entire point, and the “thought-out caption” about police — when he didn’t have one for Black lives — speaks volumes. 

Lindsay said she would ‘rather somebody blatantly be racist’ then do what Garrett is doing

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Kufrin agrees and went into the fact that Yrigoyen knows more police officers and has fewer Black friends. She said it’s something they discuss often and there’s a lot more they need to talk about as well. Lindsay then states that saying Yrigoyen didn’t “intend” to be malicious is the wrong choice. Because it’s 2020 and racism didn’t just appear out of thin air. 

“I don’t understand why people are just now getting it,” Lindsay said, getting emotional on the episode. “We’ve f*cking been going through this sh*t. I don’t understand why you say, ‘It wasn’t malicious’ or ‘I’m just now understanding things.’ You have to admit that you made a choice to not see it.”

Lindsay then explained that Yrigoyen’s post “totally contradicts the movement that we’re trying to push forward.” And the large number of likes and comments he got on his post shows the bigger problem in this country. We have to eliminate that type of behavior and people have to “want to change” and you have to put the work in to do so. 

Lindsay then said she would “rather somebody blatantly be racist” than have Yrigoyen’s mindset.

“The problem is the people who don’t realize what they’re doing is a form of racism, the problem is people who are putting things out there against the movement and the problem is doing things that perpetuate and play into a particular behavior, which is what I have an issue with the Bachelor franchise,” Lindsay continued. “Garrett’s post is the problem and the thinking that went into it… It’s very selfish and it is your white privilege to think that that is the message that you need to put out when black people are just suffering in such a huge way in this country.”

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