Rachel Skarsten Is Horrified To See Old ‘Birds of Prey’ Pics Online

Rachel Skarsten plays the Gotham City villain Alice on Batwoman. Alice fashions herself off Alice in Wonderland, but she must have eaten a few too many mushrooms. Batwoman is actually Skarsten’s second time in Gotham City. She played Dinah Lance on The WB’s series Birds of Prey in 2002. Birds of Prey will fly again as a movie starring Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Dinah. 

Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman
Rachel Skarsten in Batwoman | Jeffery Garland/The CW

Skarsten spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet before Batwoman’s Television Critics Association panel. She reflected on her first time in Gotham City and returning to the 2019 version of it in the show. Batwoman airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Rachel Skarsten has grown up a lot since ‘Birds of Prey’

Skarsten was only a teenager when she played Dinah Lance. Now she gets to return to Gotham City as an adult and sink her teeth into a juicy villain. 

“It’s been actually a really beautiful homecoming for me,” Skarsten said. “[Warner Bros. Television CEO] Peter Roth was such an impact on my life as a 16-year-old because the incredible kindness and grace that he showed me as a studio head and I was this little 16-year-old girl. He was probably the best boss you could ever imagine and he’s still here.”

Rachel Skarsten and Ruby Rose in Batwoman
(L-R): Ruby Rose as Kate Kane and Rachel Skarsten as Alice in Batwoman | Katie Yu/The CW

The CW was formed after Birds of Prey went off the air, combining The WB and UPN networks. 

“It’s so lovely to see him and even though it’s not The WB, it’s now CW, it’s sort of an incarnation of the same network,” Skarsten said. “So it’s quite tricky to be back here I guess 17 years later and then also in the same world of Gotham and Batman and all of that, DC. So that’s really, really wonderful. I’m quite enjoying that.”

All the ‘Birds of Prey’ remained friends

Rachel Skarsten costarred with Dina Meyer and Ashley Scott on Birds of Prey. They’ve remained friends and got together before Batwoman. By then, Greg Berlanti had already produced five superhero shows based on DC comics.

“Dina and Ashley who were on Birds of Prey with me, we met up for dinner, maybe two years ago now,” Skarsten said. “[Birds of Prey executive producer] Brian Robbins was wonderful and I loved what he was trying to do but that was the thing. He was trying to do, I think, with Birds of Prey that sort of darker, grittier superhero post-Smallville what Berlanti did with Arrow.”

Batwoman is Berlanti’s sixth Arrowverse show so Skarsten is confident she’s on steadier ground this time.

Alice and Batwoman
Rachel Skarsten as Alice and Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman | Kimberley French/The CW

“We were joking like had it been seven years later, Birds of Prey would probably still be on the air now,” Skarsten said. “I think it was just a little bit ahead of its time. So I sort of feel like I’m getting a second chance with Batwoman. It’s very fun.”

But please, stop posting old screencaps online

Birds of Prey is now streaming on DC Universe, so new viewers are discovering it. 

“It must be somewhere because I am seeing all these screencaps on my Twitter,” Skarsten said. “It’s a little bit horrifying. It’s like people getting hold of your yearbook photo. Why are you putting this up on the internet? But it’s quite lovely as well.”