Racy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Trailer Sparks Fan Frenzy

After months of anticipation, Fifty Shades of Grey fans finally got what they’ve been waiting for with the release of the movie’s first official trailer this morning. The clip is the first real look we’ve gotten of Dakota Johnson as the innocent and naïve literature student, Anastasia Steele, and Jamie Dornan as the enigmatic billionaire, Christian Grey, since their casting — and it seems viewers have plenty to say about it.

As most people know by now, Fifty Shades follows the story of Steele as she meets and falls in love with Grey. Her world gets turned upside down when he introduces her to his penchant for a dark, raunchy side of human sexuality. The trailer shows Steeling meeting Grey for the first time and exchanging copious meaningful looks at his office (yes, the infamous line “Mr. Grey will see you now” is thrown in there). The two begin spending more time together, eventually leading to the much-anticipated elevator scene where they share their first kiss.

Though the majority of the clip is pretty innocuous, those that were hoping to get a glimpse of the raunchier scenes won’t be totally disappointed. The last few 15 seconds of the trailer are arguably NSFW, with a brief look at Grey showing Steele his Red Room of Pain for the first time and ending with Steele making use of Grey’s whips, blindfolds, and handcuffs. That part of the trailer was actually cut out for the cleaner version that debuted this morning on The Today Show, which was followed by an interview with the cast.

Whether you deem the trailer “safe for work” or not, it was apparently more than enough to get some viewers’ pulses racing. Fans have swarmed social media to chime in with their thoughts, labeling the clip everything from “steamy” to “awkward.” Viewers also shared their opinions on the cast, specifically about Dornan as Grey. While some seem to think his performance (or what we’ve seen on it so far) is perfectly on point, others are still fuming at the choice, claiming Dornan doesn’t have the looks or charisma to pull off the character.

The passionate reaction to the trailer isn’t entirely surprising, given how controversial the casting has been since development on the film adaptation started. Fans even started petitions, lobbying for certain actors, such as Ian Somerhalder, to take the part. Later, Sons of Anarchy Charlie Hunnam was offered the role of Grey, but had to pull out due to scheduling conflicts. Dornan’s casting has received mixed reactions ever since.

One fan base that’s sure to be happy with the trailer, regardless of the actors though? Beyoncé’s! The clip confirmed that the movie soundtrack features an exclusive version of the artist’s hit single, “Crazy In Love.” The slowed-down, more seductive version of the track was featured in the teaser that Beyonce herself tweeted out earlier this week, although it was unclear what her participation in the film was at the time.

Fifty Shades is set to hit theaters on Valentines Day 2015. But while it might not seem like your typical date night movie, the storm of excitement already brewing over the trailer indicates that plenty of fans—couples or otherwise–will show up to the theaters to catch it.

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