Raise Your Hand if You Want A ‘Murder Mystery’ Sequel With Adam Sandler

Say what you will about Adam Sandler’s movies, but his Netflix presence continues to win over fans. His Murdery Mystery film with Jennifer Aniston scored incredibly low among critics but did well with general audiences.

Even viewers who couldn’t stand Sandy Wexler or The Ridiculous Six gave a thumbs up to the comedian for Murder Mystery. While Sandler is busy promoting his next big-screen feature film, Uncut Gems, Netflix is eyeing the next installment of his latest comedy.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston for Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery’ | David Livingston/Getty Images

A ‘Murder Mystery’ sequel is being developed

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is ironing out a deal for a sequel to Murder Mystery. The company is reportedly in talks with the film’s screenwriter, James Vanderbilt, to come back aboard for round two.

What’s interesting is that Vanderbilt had been sitting on the original script for 13 or 14 years, making revisions over the years and fine-tuning it when the movie was greenlit with Sandler. This past June, he opened up to ScreenRant about the writing process and what inspired the story for Murder Mystery.

“So I had gone with my wife to Italy and actually stayed at the hotel that Sandler and Aniston Stayed in and the reason the Monaco Grand Prix is in the movie is literally like my, I went to 12 years ago to a friend’s wedding in France and then my wife and I went to Monaco afterwards and we’d had this massive night out and were awoken like we would been like four in the morning and like four hours later awoken by the loudest sound I can ever imagine. And had no idea that the Monaco Grand Prix was that morning and still like horribly hung over an f one cars flying past the hotel. And I was like, I was like, this is a movie. Like this has got to go on a movie. Yeah. That’s where the Monaco Grand Prix got into the movie.”

Vanderbilt also shared that director Kyle Newachek helped to steer the comedic direction for the film and made sure the narrative made sense in terms of the mystery and the Spitzes’ marriage. As far as a sequel, things can go in a new direction or be a continuation of Murder Mystery, part one.

Will Sandler and Aniston be returning?

It’s too early to tell who will be in the cast, and THR reports that ideally, Sandler and Aniston will reprise their roles in the sequel. Nothing is set in stone, but the outlet notes that Sandler has a special deal in place with Netflix.

Back in 2014, he signed a contract to create four films, and in 2017, it was extended to tack on another four movies. Expect to see more of Sandler soon.

The first installment of ‘Murder Mystery’ was a hit

You’ll find mixed opinions online about Murder Mystery, but the general consensus among Netflix viewers is that it’s a decent movie. Some believe it’s one of Sandler’s worst, but regardless, Netflix numbers tell the big story. What story is that? The film warrants a second take.

The movie clocked in at 31 million views within its first 72 hours of being on the platform. That combination was made up of North American and international audiences, and proves that a part two may not be such a bad idea.