Ramona Singer From ‘RHONY’ Dogs This Bravo Staffer’s Outfit

She worried that she was dressed too casually to go boating with Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean. But Bravo staffer and Andy Cohen’s assistant, Daryn Carp was excited to spend her Sunday in the Hamptons.

The fun-loving host of the Martinis & Murder podcast told her Instagram followers she was heading out of the city and was grabbing a quick coffee at Starbucks. She said she was going on a boat with Yawn but wondered, “Is this what you wear when you go on a boat with Captain Sandy?” Carp looked concerned.

Daryn Carp
Daryn Carp |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Truthfully, Carp was dressed appropriately for a day of adventure. Videos she shared later showed a group of women dressed casually for a day of boating. But she runs into Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City who not only rates Carp’s look but then dives even deeper about her style.

Carp was ready for a fun day of boating

Carp seemed stoked to have the opportunity to go boating with Yawn. She excitedly made her way from the city to the Hamptons where she met up with a group of ladies. “On the boat, made it on the boat baby,” Carp exclaims. She pans over to Yawn who is preparing the vessel for sea. “Guys, I don’t know what Captain Sandy is having us do today,” Carp jokes. “We’re real boaters,” Yawn laughs.

“Look at Captain Sandy yachting,” Carp marvels as the boat leaves the dock. Yawn gives the camera the thumbs up. The ladies are busy chatting in the background as the group prepares for a fun day at sea. “She’s yachting, we’re yachting! I’m wearing a sweatshirt, I don’t know what the f**k is going on,” Carp laughs.

Carp captures video on board as the boat races across the ocean. The audio is overwhelmed with the sound of the wind. The group looks like they are having a blast as Yawn skillfully commands the boat.

If she wasn’t already paranoid about her outfit …

The group hits the social scene in the area. The party is humming at a local bar where Carp bumps into Singer. Carp is known for chatting with talent before Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen so she has likely spoken with Singer in the past.

“OK Ramona you are going to call me a f**king three,” Carp asks as she gathers Singer into her video shot. Singer instead insists she didn’t drop an “F” bomb. But Carp steers her back to the rating. “You said three out of 10!” Carp says.

“All I know is you wouldn’t attract a man or a woman,” Singer says. Carp says she’d interested in attracting a woman. “OK, well no woman is going to look at you. You look like … like … I don’t know.” Carp asks for clarification.

Singer double downs on her ‘three out of 10’

Singer tries to tell Carp her outfit conveys that she doesn’t care about how she looks. As Singer speaks, Carp’s mouth is hanging open. “I mean so if you don’t care about how you look, how are you going to be in bed,” Singer asks.

Carp reminds Singer she’s great in bed. “I don’t know by the way you look,” Singer asserts. Carp is stunned, half-smiling but without words. “You are the first woman to call me a three out of 10,” Carp tells her.

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But Singer says she tells the truth. “I’m unfiltered, remember,” Singer says. “Unfiltered Ramona!” Carp still can’t believe it and asks Singer again. But then Singer says, “Your outfit, not you! You’re a 10 – 10. Your personality is a 10.” Then Singer asks her friends to come over and check out Carp’s shoes. Carp’s next share is a photo of her looking sad with “Fish out of water at sunset beach in a sweatshirt.”