Randall Park Cried When He Saw BTS at the Rose Bowl and Honestly, Same

It’s official — Fresh Off the Boat and Always Be My Maybe actor, Randall Park, is a huge fan of BTS. And like many members of ARMY, he is boldly unashamed. On Sept. 26, Park stopped by The Ellen Show and spoke to guest hosts Beth Behrs and Whitney Cummings about his first BTS concert, which got a little emotional. And of course, BTS fans welcomed the actor into the fandom with open arms.

Park got emotional at his first BTS concert at the Rose Bowl and he is not ashamed

During the interview with Behrs and Cummings, Park gushed about his wife, actress Jae Suh Park. He then gave a bit of sound relationship advice, which segued into a discussion about Park’s love of K-pop — because a couple that jams to K-pop together, stays together.

As it so happens, Park brought a photo from BTS’s Rose Bowl concert to The Ellen Show stage. And clearly pictured is a close-up on Park’s tear-drenched face. “I went to the show at the Rose Bowl,” Park explained. “That’s me at the show. I was crying, I am not ashamed of it.”

A fan’s first BTS experience can be overwhelming. So Park’s reaction to BTS is totally justified. However, the Fresh Off the Boat actor shared another reason why he got emotional when seeing BTS. And quite frankly, it cuts deep for fans who are dying to see more Asian representation in the media.

“I was super moved by them because I was not a fan going into that show. My wife is a huge fan,” Park said. “And I get to the Rose Bowl — 90,000 people packed — all different races, all different ages, singing along to these Korean musicians and dancers. It was just really, like, oh my gosh. As a kid, I could never imagine something like that happening. And it was just… I cried.”

The ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ actor shares his BTS doll collection on ‘The Ellen Show’

BTS at the Grammy Awards
The members of BTS | John Shearer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Park then shared his Mattel BTS doll collection with The Ellen Show audience. In the photo, Park is seen with dolls of all seven members — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. The actor also clarified the dolls are 100% his.

“I got the dolls,” Park told Behrs and Cummings. “Those are not my daughter’s, nor my wife’s. Those are mine.”

He also revealed where his collection is displayed. “They are on a shelf in our living room,” he laughed. “I’m not ashamed, I love them.”

Park’s previous statements about BTS

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The Ellen Show isn’t the first time Park openly displayed his love for the reigning K-pop boy band. On June 3, Pitchfork asked the actor what music he was listening to at the time. And despite being more of a “hip-hop guy,” Park mentioned BTS.

In the interview, the Always Be My Maybe star shared his experience at the Rose Bowl. But this time, he touched on BTS’s ability to break language barriers.

“I’m Korean, but my Korean is pretty bad, so I didn’t understand most of it— but neither did a lot of the people there,” Park shared. “They were singing along to these lyrics that they probably didn’t fully understand. The group’s positivity and sincerity was so refreshing to me.. I’m big into them now. We bought a ton of merch, and they’re playing a lot in our house.”

Then in a separate interview with The Ringer’s The Dave Chang Show, Park delved deeper into why he felt so emotional during the BTS Rose Bowl show.

“It was like the Beatles,” Park said. “The music was so good and they were so charming and likable and positive. I was intoxicated by it all, but it also made me feel really good about the future. These kids don’t care that they’re Korean — they’re just into them.” The actor then shared BTS’s growing popularity makes him “proud to be Korean.”

Park’s continuous love for the group’s success illustrates one thing — BTS paved the way for K-pop in mainstream music. And honestly, was about time.

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