Randy Rainbow Sings a Love Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci

Parody comedian Randy Rainbow strikes again marrying a cheery tune to the dystopian pandemic world. His latest YouTube video, “Gee, Anthony Fauci!” features Rainbow “interviewing” a cast of characters ranging from Ivanka Trump to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Randy Rainbow celebrates the release of his new Christmas CD 'Hey Gurl, It's Christmas'
Randy Rainbow celebrates the release of his new Christmas CD ‘Hey Gurl, It’s Christmas’ |Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Rainbow has been pumping out his signature political parody videos almost in real-time as he’s logged a new video almost weekly. He notes that pandemic restrictions have prevented him from maintaining his clean-cut appearance as his hair has grown noticeably longer.

“Dr. Fauci you’re the one we stan,” he sings to Fauci. This isn’t Rainbow’s first admiration video. He released, “Andy” when the pandemic hit New York especially hard and Governor Andrew Cuomo held his daily press briefings. The lyrics were partnered to the tune, “Sandy” from the musical Grease. It was a tribute and salute to how the governor handled the crisis.

Randy Rainbow begs Dr. Fauci to take over

The lyrics to “Gee, Anthony Fauci!” are set to the tune, “Gee, Officer Krupke” from West Side Story. Most of Rainbow’s parodies join his original lyrics with a show tune. The video begins with Rainbow having a “Zoom” chat with Fauci where he shares how the pandemic has impacted him mentally. Fauci, who is featured from a pre-recorded clip stands by and hilariously says nothing.

“My country is a mess,” he tells Fauci. “I’m not even talking to her right now. I haven’t had a haircut in like five months. I know I still look great … thank you. But I just feel as though there’s no leadership. And the president is even attacking you. Can’t you stop him?” Fauci says he doesn’t have the qualifications to do that. His comments come from a previously recorded interview with another broadcaster.

Gee, Anthony Fauci | YouTube

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Rainbow then breaks into song and out come the cast of characters. From Donald Trump, who he refers to as the “worst infection of them all” to press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “Hey Kayleigh you’re a dipstick and please don’t take offense,” Rainbow sings. “Have you been eating lipstick? You’re making zero sense.”

Rainbow blends politics with his obsession of Broadway

Rainbow recently shared he left his heart in New York even though he grew up mainly in South Florida.“All the movies and TV shows I love take place in New York, and being a musical-theater fan, I was obsessed with Broadway,” he told The New York Times.

He also discussed how he builds his lyrics. Rainbow learned that legendary songwriter Stephen Sondheim is a fan. “Can you believe it? You mentioned Sondheim, but I have, I’m happy to say, heard from most of the composers that I have parodied – everyone from Sondheim to Stephen Schwartz to Andrew Lloyd Webber. So everyone is pretty much on board, so I have that in my corner, too,” he told NPR.

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Rainbow shared that he and Sondheim have a love of puzzles and he compared puzzles and mazes to putting together song lyrics.  “I did have a thing for mazes,” he said. “When I was a kid, I remember drawing little mazes constantly and puzzles. I loved that. And I remember, to sort of tie it together, I – when I started listening to Sondheim’s music, I always envisioned – I always pictured a puzzle because that’s sort of how his lyric-writing is. It’s, you know, very carefully and masterfully putting a puzzle together. And so when I got to know him and was invited to his home and I saw that he’s a collector of puzzles, it was quite a full-circle moment. And since then, he’s become something of a mentor and a great support.”