Rapper 50 Cent Goes On a Random Twitter-Spree and The Internet Loses Its Mind

Rapper and actor, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson proves when one social media door closes, find another one and Tweet like your life depends on it. The Power star’s Instagram account was disabled, leading 50 Cent to Twitter. Fans of the star are now having the best week ever. Here’s the low down.

50 Cent’s Instagram disappeared

50 Cent
50 Cent performs live during Rolling Loud music festival | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Sorry, but the G-Unit member is no longer part of the Instagram community. As of Nov. 13, 50 Cent’s account vanished as if it never existed at all. You’ll get a pop-up that says “user not found.” If you look back at his recent public feuds, the “In Da Club” rapper could’ve violated Instagram’s policies, or he disabled the IG profile himself.

Fans (and haters) took to The Shade Room’s Instagram post, theorizing what may have happened.

“Good, he’s not above the no-bullying policy,” one fan wrote in the comments section.

“That’s what happens when you beef with people that have more money than you and power,” another said. Oof.

He hasn’t commented on the account’s disappearance. If administrators deemed policy violations, it could’ve been any number of offenses with anything from harassment to inappropriate content. The “report” feature is part of the platform for these reasons, so it’s unclear as to what happened exactly.

Among some of the celebrities, 50 Cent had beef with Lala Kent and her fiancé, Randall Emmett, T.I., and singer, Tank, who 50 Cent called “Suga Tank.” Tekashi, Jim Jones, Floyd Mayweather, and talk show host, Wendy Williams are also victims of Jackson’s trolling-skills.

If the IG deactivation was his choice, maybe he has bigger plans for the rest of social media, especially since IG announced the removal of “likes” for external viewers.

That move will affect high profile celebrities like Mr. Jackson, but also how much power trolls have in the comments section. He may have decided he’s not down with the new policies and bowed out before they removed him.

50 Cent went on a random Twitter-spree

With Instagram gone, 50 Cent moved all his trolling energy to Twitter. In a random series of posts, he covered everything from his hit show, Power, to his thoughts on China’s government, and his love of chef, Rachel Ray — all within a few hours.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to his posts, but that’s what makes it all so intriguing. Was he bored? Did something spark his love of Rachel Ray? These are the questions fans want answers to.

Whatever Jackson was going through, the series of Tweets prove he’s having the best week ever. Of the most “what?” moments is his confusion over what his “army” is and where he can find them (hence why he mentions China).

Regardless of what triggered the random series of Tweets, the man’s posts didn’t disappoint.

Fan reactions to 50 Cent’s Tweets are everything you need today

Some were thrilled to know 50 Cent’s Instagram account disappeared, but others focused on the string of gifts he left on Twitter.

One fan said, in regards to his perplexing Tweet of Rachel Ray’s cookbook:

“She loves some @50cent I watched the show when he surprised her.”

Another fan commented, “G-Unit soldier reporting for duty, General 50” on a Tweet 50 Cent couldn’t locate his “army.”

Many weighed in to show support of whatever Fifty put out simply saying, “we’re here.”

Whether you’re all about 50 Cent or not, his Twitter-spree is everything social media was made for, and more.