5 Rapper Feuds That Actually Came to Blows

Sometimes people who work together or in the same industry don’t get along. We have heard of plenty of feuds and fights that occurred between actors on set. But of course, there have also been many feuds between rappers. Sometimes the feuding has led to some amazing diss tracks and music. However there are feuds that got so serious that people got hurt. So which feuds got out of hand? Here are five rapper feuds that actually came to blows.

1. Meek Mill & The Game

Meek Mill and The Game

Left: The Game in All Eyez | Blood Money, Right: Meek Mill | Lisa Lake/Getty Images

On September 15, 2016, The Game performed in Miami at a club. There he called out Meek Mill publicly on stage to his fans saying, “I just wanna be at that n**ga ass for a good time. When you see me n**ga, square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, n**ga. F*ck Meek Mill.” He then continued, “Meek Mill not snitching on me, I never heard of that.” The whole thing was also captured on video.

#thegame vs #meekmill 👀

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Other than the public diss it seems like everything else that night went by fine. The Game later sent out a tweet about the fun night.

However all of that changed a couple hours later. It didn’t take long for news to make rounds, and it all allegedly led to an altercation. According to TMZ, police claim a Mustang convertible drove past the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel and fired shots at a white Mercedes-Benz that is somehow connected to The Game. The Game’s manager told TMZ that the Mercedes isn’t owned by the rapper but his crew’s black Chevy SUV was right next to it. Meek Mill has yet to make a statement about the situation, and the police haven’t claimed that he is a suspect. However, many suspect that these two events may be connected.

2. Chris Brown & Drake

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Kris Connor

Left: Chris Brown | Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Right: Drake | Kris Connor/Getty Images

In 2012 Chris Brown and Drake were feuding mostly over women. Drake was growing closer to Rihanna, and according to Brown he was also moving in on his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who was there the night of the feud. Weirdly enough their whole fight came to blows after a peace offering.

According to NY Daily News, Brown rejected a $2,000 bottle of Ace of Spades champagne that Drake sent to him in a Manhattan club. Brown instead sent him a note reading, “I’m still f*cking Rihanna.” The two then got into a fight along with their huge entourages. The brawl was so explosive that it caused a lot of property damage and some major injuries.

Brown’s bodyguard had terrible head injuries from his head splitting open. Tran and five bystanders were also cut by the glass that was flying around. “I was sitting right next to Chris Brown after he sent Drake the bottle, his entourage approached him and they exchanged f yous,” Ingrid Gutierrez told Daily News. “Chris told them to bounce and all of a sudden someone tries to swing at Chris and Mills and a lot of other guys in Drake’s entourage start throwing bottles at our table.”

Brown got a cut on his chin, and Drake walked away without injury. After the fight, the two made up in 2014. Hopefully they can stay civil.

3. Rick Ross & Young Jeezy

In 2012 the two rappers came across each other backstage of the BET Hip Hop Awards show and tensions ran high. Funk Flex was the first person to get the word out about what was happening.

Police said there were no shots fired although Funk Flex said there were gun shots, according to Daily Mail. There were also no injuries from the incident. Ross later opened up about what happened that day to 99 Jamz.

When we crossed paths, I said ‘Wassup,’ as soon as he said ‘Wassup,’ I tried to choke him. You gotta understand, with me it’s nothing personal. I’m a hands-on-type dude. I’m better with my hands than I am at making music. So it’s not personal, but if I see Young Jeezy again, will I try to choke him? I don’t know, that’s an option. If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all, but it’s an option.

4. 50 Cent & Ja Rule

50 Cent and Ja Rule

Left: 50 Cent in Power | Starz, Right: Ja Rule | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Back when he was rapping, 50 Cent dissed a lot of people in his music. But one in particular was Ja Rule. This all started when Ja Rule was filming a video in Queens when someone connected to 50 Cent stole his chain, according to Complex. Their beef ended up in attempted murder. Back in 2000, 50 Cent was stabbed in the back outside the Hit Factory studio in New York.

CEOs Irving Gotti and Chris Gotti were charged for assaulting the rapper, but were later dismissed. The whole feud made news again when 50 Cent got shot nine times. Witness, Jon Ragin told the court that he had met with 50 Cent multiple times before to tell him not to mention Ja Rule or Murder Inc. again in his music. He then claimed to have gotten a phone call from Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff who allegedly said he had, “hurt 50” according to MTV News.

He described how he caught him coming out of his grandma’s house,” Ragin continued, “and they shot him many times at close range. They thought he was dead, because there was lots of blood.” McGriff was accused of attempted murder, but it wasn’t proven in court.

5. Lil Wayne & Birdman

Lil Wayne

Birdman and Lil Wayne | Barnard/Getty Images

The sad thing about this feud is that it happens to be between father and son. Lil Wayne and Birdman worked together on Cash Money Records. Their relationship was very close, but things started going downhill once Lil Wayne wanted to try and step out on his own. He went public with his frustration over his music being stalled and wanting to leave the label.

He also came out with a mix tape called “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” and referred to his label as a “garden full of snakes.” He then went on to sue Cash Money Records for $51 million for financial misdeeds, according to Vulture. But eventually the tensions ran so high between the two that it became violent.

Lil Wayne’s tour bus was sprayed with bullets in 2015 from a passing car. No one was injured from the incident. According to AJC, the shooter was a former manager for Young Thug named Jimmy Carlton Winfrey. He was sentenced to 20 years after pleading guilty to six charges. Since the shooter has ties to Young Thug, who works for Birdman, many have seen this as part of their feud but it hasn’t been concretely proven.

Later Birdman threw a drink at Lil Wayne while he was performing at Club LIV in Miami, according to Complex. The whole thing was caught on video.

Birdman just threw a cup of liquor on Wayne from upstairs tho😂😂😂😂😂😂 looked at his ass like I dare you say something

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