Rapper Scarface is Running For Political Office

It’s not unusual for celebrities to get involved in politics, whether it’s through endorsing candidates, coordinating fundraisers, or going the distance and running for office.

Wrestlers, actors, reality show stars, and others have waded into political waters by becoming candidates themselves and one of the latest figures to do it is the rapper Scarface from The Geto Boys.

Rapper Scarface
Scarface, a.k.a. Brad Jordan, of The Geto Boys | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Voters turned out for Scarface in a local race

Known to most of the public as Scarface, the rapper’s real name is Brad Jordan, and he’s part of a city council runoff race in his hometown of Houston, Texas. The initial vote was on Nov. 5, and after coming in second place for his district, District D, he’s slated to enter into a friendly runoff election with another local.

According to the Houston Chronicle, there were 16 total city council seats open and over 100 candidates, but the rap legend managed to gain enough votes to make the cut for the special election for his district. Even he was a little surprised, however he is in it to become an agent of change in the neighborhood he grew up in. The Scarface name recognition hasn’t hurt his odds either.

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What is Brad “Scarface” Jordan’s platform?

A quick hop over to Jordan’s campaign website reveals that he’s active in the community, working with non-profit organizations and serving as a little league athletic coach. Outgoing council member Dwight Boykins and the mayor designated a holiday for the rapper called Brad “Scarface” Jordan Day in order to recognize three decades of his community involvement.

According to his site, here’s what Jordan wants to work on if officially elected:

“As City Council Member, Jordan wants to address several district issues including infrastructure, job creation, education and job training programs for the underemployed and unemployed, reentry programs for formerly incarcerated people, juvenile crime, public safety, neighborhood beautification such as illegal dumping, and the district’s vulnerability to flooding. Jordan also wants to advocate for harsher penalties for crimes committed against elderly citizens.”

He and his opponent have similar campaign goals, and although they come from different backgrounds, are friendly with one another and want change in their neighborhood.

When is the runoff and what are locals saying?

Dec. 14 is the day when ballots for the runoff are cast. The Associated Press reports that since Scarface started to campaign, he’s wanted the main focus to be on his efforts as a potential council member, but locals can’t help but ask to take a selfie with him.

A large group of residents in his district are elderly, and not all are open to having a rap artist speak up for their needs in municipal government. He’s had some convincing to do in terms of his ability to be a public servant. Compared to his candidate, Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, he has a few things going for him. One resident told the AP:

“We have a serious gang issue in District D. Who can go into one of these rough gang infested neighborhoods and have a conversation with gang members to put guns down? Carolyn (Evans-Shabazz) or Brad Jordan? I’m gonna ride with Brad because I’ve seen him do it.”

Results should be in soon, so Houston residents who live in District D may find a new ally in the 49-year-old rapper.